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Bet on Your Favorite Teams Legally In 2019

If you love sports betting, this is a great time to be residing in the US. Thanks to a US Supreme Court decision in 2018, sportsbooks are once again legal.

The Feds had passed a law way back in 1992 banning sports betting all over the country. Not surprisingly, that did not stop Americans from betting on their favorite sports on the down low.

Someone finally had the good sense to challenge this senseless law called PASPA, and the rest, as they say, is history.  And you can see that history being made as we speak, across the nation. The ball is now in the court of individual states, to create proper laws to govern and tax sportsbooks.

At the Congress, Senators like Orrin Hatch and Chuck Schumer has introduced a bill for full-scale legalization. But for now, all the action is happening at the state level.

Eight states have legalized some form of sports betting at the time of writing (May 2019), plus the old hand that is Nevada.


During the dark days of PASPA, Nevada shone brightly as the beacon of hope where Americans could safely bet on legal sportsbooks.

Now that the industry has been legalized, other states are actually looking at Nevada for inspiration and guidance, since they have been doing it for decades now.


One of the first movers in the field after the US Supreme Court verdict, the state had opened itself to sportsbooks in June 2018. That was barely a month after the verdict.

Delaware currently offers sports betting in three casinos. There are also plans afoot to expand to other locations. Online sportsbooks are also starting up.

New Jersey

Governor Phil Murphy was the first ever customer at a legal sportsbook in the state in June 2018. The casinos in Atlantic City were among the first establishments to offer these services.

As of April 2019, eight of the nine Atlantic City casinos accept bets on sporting events. Besides casinos and race tracks, at least 13 different online sportsbooks have a valid license to operate in the state.


Anticipating a positive verdict from the Supreme Court, the state had already passed a law legalizing sportsbooks in 2017. The first bets in Mississippi were accepted at two MGM casinos in August 2018.

As of now, the state only allows in-person betting. Online and mobile betting is only allowed within casino premises.

Betting is only allowed on the river-based casinos as well as those on the shore. At least 23 different locations have a legal permit as of 2019.

West Virginia

You can try your hand at both in-person an online betting in West Virginia. The State Lottery Commission has been given the power to regulate betting.

They are only the third state to offer online sports betting in the US, as of December 2018. But no operators are active in the state as of now.

Offline betting is available at the four racetrack-casinos in the state, but the license of at least two of them have been suspended temporarily.

New Mexico

The state is yet to pass any laws on sports betting but still has a casino that offers 100% legal sports betting.

The Santa Ana Star Casino is owned by the Native American tribe of Pueblo, which has the right to host all gambling activities, including sportsbooks. The casino started accepting sports bets immediately after the Supreme Court decision.

Though all major sports events are covered, games featuring the local university teams from New Mexico are not included.


Pennsylvania is yet another state which already had laws legalizing sports betting well before the Supreme Court decision. But the state only got its first legal sportsbook in mid-November 2018.

Eight casinos and other locations in the state have already started offerings sports betting facilities, with three more poised to join the action.

The state also has provisions legalizing online betting, but none of the licensed operators have gone yet. Many of the casinos are in the process of developing apps and websites for online services. Poker seems next on the cards.

Rhode Island

As of now, the state law only permits two Twin River casinos to offer legal sports betting in Rhode Island. The State Lottery will be the regulator of all sports betting activities here.

Though your options are limited as far as offline betting is concerned, Rhode Island does have plans to allow mobile betting. But it will take some time before apps and websites go live.

The Future of Sports Betting

Things are moving hard and fast in the world of sports betting in the US right now. Casinos are primed to offer sports betting along with their regular gambling features.

Similarly, online betting also has massive potential here. While many exclusively offer sportsbooks, some sportsbooks mix no deposit slot games with their standard sports betting offerings.

As for the state legislatures, many are scampering to play catch up. States like New York, Oregon, Arkansas, and North Carolina could see legal sportsbook laws in 2019 itself.

With the exception of a handful of conservative states like Utah, Idaho, and Wyoming, nearly 30 other states have already introduced bills related to sports betting in their legislatures.

Pretty soon, you could legally bet from most of the states in the Union!

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