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Today I received an email from one of those licensed NFL swag stores with 65% reduced prices on many close out items. And they offered a long list of jerseys to choose from. There was Steve Smith, Sr., Jeremy Maclin, Michael Crabtree, Jacoby Jones, Justin Forsett, Lardarius Webb, C.J. Mosley, Terrell Suggs and Joe Flacco.

The list was a reminder of the attrition that grips NFL rosters and the high turnover rates in personnel that teams endure. If NJ Online Sports Betting offered an over/under on the percent of attrition by team, it wouldn’t surprise me if the number was set at 20%. Such attrition should also make you question whether to actually buy a specific player’s jersey. Maybe the personalized-named jerseys are a better way to go since they have greater shelf life – or so you would think, right?

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There are black jerseys and white ones. The traditional purple and the purple color rush. Then there’s a mustard colored one that is being labeled as “gold” but certainly looks like something you’d spread on a Ballpark Frank.

So, then I got to thinking – I wonder what most fans feel is the best Ravens uniform combo. You see, THESE are the kinds of topics your mind wanders to, as you sit in a beach chair a cold one, your toes in the sand as you wait on training camp to come.

My guess is that most fans prefer the all-black unis followed by the traditional home ensemble of purple jerseys with white pants. I’d like the all-black the best IF the pants had some piping down the side of the legs. But since they don’t, I’m not a fan of that leotard look.

My favorite combo at home is the black jersey/white pants although the black jersey/purple pants uniform is growing on me. On the road, I’m a fan of the white jerseys with the purple color rush pants.

I went through all of the combos I could think of and I get 10. Which one do YOU think is the best Ravens uniform?

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best Ravens uniform



best Ravens uniform

(Photo Credit: Evan Habeeb-USA TODAY Sports)

best Ravens uniforms

(Photo Credit: Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports)

(Photo Credit: Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports)

What is the best Ravens uniform? (You may choose 2)

(Photo by Larry French/Getty Images)

(Photo Credit: Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports)




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