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Knee-Jerk Reactions Ravens Roll Dolphins 59-10

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The Ravens beat the Miami Dolphins 59-10 in Week 1 of the 2019 NFL season. RSR staff react to the win here…

Derek Arnold

What more can you ask for? Throw in the usual disclaimers for playing a tanking team and whatever else, but the Ravens took care of business. They set franchise records for points and total yards, Lamar Jackson looked like the best version of himself anybody could have imagined, and the team did what they were supposed to do.

Marquise “Stop Calling Me Breshad Perriman” Brown was impressive, as was fellow new addition Earl Thomas, who picked off Ryan Fitzpatrick for the third time in his career.

Jimmy Smith’s injury is concerning, but early reports are that it’s only a sprained MCL, and nothing torn. Hopefully he can be back by October.

The Tennessee Titans went to Cleveland and pounded the Browns, who are supposedly the new dynasty not just in the AFC North but in the entire AFC, making this a wonderful day for the #RavensFlock.

On to Arizona!

John Langley

Say what you want about the opponent or the situations, but Lamar Jackson was pin-point accurate in this game. He hit his receivers in stride, had command of the offense, and looked incredible throwing the football. 

Marquise Brown has incredible speed out there. If he keeps doing this, teams will begin using bracket coverage which will open up the field for other receivers. People may believe a blowout means little towards the end, but to get this on film will force teams to have to account for different players and situations. 

Greg Roman called a heck of a game, and the running game looked incredible. The Dolphins, who are in tank mode, still possess some strong players on defense. For the Ravens to go out and absolutely decimate that defense, shows a lot. Most people will just assume this is a case of bad team vs. decent team, but blowouts like these don’t happen often. There’s a ton of positives to take away. It will be interesting to see the strategy moving forward. 

Aidan Griesser

— Any time you can set a franchise record in points, it’s a good day.

— We may have never doubted that the Ravens would win, but boy were they impressive. Lamar exceeded all expectations and showed how much his work has paid off when it comes to throwing the ball.

— The defense didn’t really have to do much, but i was relatively impressed with the pass rush and am ecstatic about the picks by ETIII and Marlon Humphrey.

— HOLLYWOOOOOOD. What a showing. The next few years are going to be unbelievable with this offense and quite frankly I’m not sure what to do with myself after this performance.

Chad Racine

Wow, what a show the Ravens put on today as they looked like they played a high school team. With that said, let’s temper expectations because the Dolphins are team in shambles right now. Of course every week isn’t going to look like that but it’s very encouraging. 

Both sides ot the ball were dominant from start to finish. Eric DeCosta has assembled an amazing cast of players around Lamar Jackson. 

Hopefully next week will be more of the same.

Carey Stevenson

Well Harbaugh did say we’d see an offense we’d never seen before didn’t he? 

Lamar was decisive, poised and accurate throughout. His execution in the play action game was impressive and his ability to extend plays coupled with the Ravens new found speed will give them an opportunity to be among the top of the league in big plays. Speaking of that speed…

The Ravens opted to throw their rookie receivers right into the fire and boy did it pay dividends. Marquise Brown’s gravity is evident and he’ll impact games even when he’s not being targeted. 

Yes you have to curb the enthusiasm a bit considering the opponent but we just got a glimpse at something dangerous. There will likely be growing pains along the way but with the variety of talent this offense can put on the field, teams will have to play the Ravens as honest as they have ever had to. 

Todd Karpovich

— Best-case scenario start for Ravens. 

— Lamar Jackson silenced all of his critics with career-highs for completions, yards, touchdowns. Greg Roman’s offense was dominant. Perfect 10.

— Pass rush looked great without Jaylon Ferguson. Plenty of positives to build on.

— Granted it’s one game, but the Ravens have provided reason for optimism. 

Adam Bonaccorsi

Is 59-10 good? 

I’m sorry, my typically colorful language isn’t coming into play right now because I’m still in awe over a record breaking day and a stellar showing by the O, the D AND ST!

Jackson silenced naysayers (even those still naysaying know it’s without warrant) with a stellar effort in the passing game (see perfect rating) and 5 pass TDs. 


All of the fresh faces also making their presence know, whether it be Earl Thomas with a pick, rookie Hollywood Brown’s breakout 2 TD performance on his first 2 catches, fellow rookie Miles Boykin’s TD reception… just a day, man. 

People will naturally focus on the O today, but let’s also give the defense credit for insane pressure, multiple turnovers, and one helluva showing today. And don’t disregard a special teams unit with a fake punt turned 60yd rush and recovering a muffed punt. 

I’m going to soak this one in all damn week. Enjoy it, Flockers!

Nick Capecci

Similar to weak 1 last year, the Ravens dominated an opponent that has a severe lack of talent. So it is important to stay objective and not get too excited.

Lamar was the player of the game for obvious reasons. The biggest takeaway is his improved mechanics, which are the hardest thing to improve as a quarterback. The offense didn’t showcase too much schematic creativity, but Lamar executed pretty seamlessly. The Dolphins failed to pressure Lamar consistently, and the Ravens tore apart the Dolphins’ overrated secondary.

Tim Williams was the best player on defense for me. Outside of a few miscues in the run game, he was the most consistent pass rusher. The secondary was a little shaky, but I think as time goes on they will improve. 

Good start to the season, and a strong statement to get fans excited going into the home opener next week.

John Darcey


(Seriously this is my knee jerk. Nothing else needed.)

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