Ravens Fall to KC, 33-28

Knee-Jerk Reactions Ravens Fall to KC, 33-28

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The Ravens fell to 2-1 in Week 3, losing to the Kansas City Chiefs by a score of 33-28. RSR staff react to the loss here.

Carey Stevenson

Don’t confuse this with me giving John Harbaugh coach of the year honors but I thought his approach was one of a coach that knew his team was up against an offensive juggernaut while also understanding his team’s flaws. 

It’s important not to overreact in this spot. We knew coming in where the Ravens had weaknesses and under developed players and that largely showed itself throughout the game.

Despite it all they lost by 5 on the road. Learn and move forward.

Derek Arnold

Man, the Chiefs are really good. I can’t wait to be pulling for them in January only to watch them shit their goofy red pants against the Patriots. Again.

Sour grapes aside, this game really doesn’t change how I feel about these Ravens, save for the fact that it looks like John Harbaugh is still the same old John Harbaugh, much to my chagrin. His odd decisions to go for two, to go for it on fourth down, etc. made life harder on his football team for no reason at all, from jump street.”Nah, why be up 7-0, when we can be up 6-0 and hand all momentum back to the opponent? Makes perfect sense!”

Also, it seems like it doesn’t matter who the OC is, who the QB is, the story seems to be the same – the Ravens abandon the run for no reason in the first half, get behind, and only THEN do they remember their identity. Mark Ingram was running like a man possessed, but for some reason was an afterthought for much of the first half. Perhaps this was a case of the Ravens “reading their own press clippings” as the saying used to go.

We’ve praised Lamar Jackson heavily through two weeks, so he needs to take his medicine today: he was just plain off. His mechanics seemed to regress a bit, and far too many passes sailed, while he also locked onto his tight ends, which the Chiefs obviously planned for.

On defense, just very disappointing, though again, it’s hard to take too much away when you’re facing an offense with that much talent. Still, I know that Travis Kelce is tough to cover, but you need to like…try, right? Meanwhile, Earl “I want to take away all the big plays” Thomas watched the ball sail over his head on the 83-yard touchdown in the second quarter.

Here’s to rebounding next week against Cleveland – and to the Rams and 49ers taking care of business this afternoon.

John Langley

This was perhaps Lamar Jackson’s worst game as a Raven when given complete control of the offense. All good players have bad games, and he’s only 22 so that’s something to keep in mind. But the defense was absolutely awful the entire game. Anyone who thought trading Jimmy Smith was a good idea looks a little foolish right now. They cannot wait to get him back. 

Speaking of foolish, John Harbaugh made a lot of foolish decisions in this game. Going for two three times this game was silly. You can talk about needing point to beat the Chiefs, but time and situation matters a lot. Ultimately, the Ravens played a pretty poor game and lost by five points. That’s something positive to take forward. I had this game chalked up as an L before the game, so to me, they’re still on schedule to 10-6.

Chad Racine

For all the “hindsight coaches” that have the benefit of criticizing after the play doesn’t work, I happen to like the aggressive attitude of Harbaugh on the 4th down calls. You can’t play timid against an offense like the Chiefs. The Ravens made it exciting down the stretch. Lamar will be fired up and fueled by this loss.

Aidan Griesser

Starting with the positive, I think it’s clear that Lamar Jackson is a winner. I know we lost, but the dude simply does not give up and makes magic happen in crunch time. He didn’t have his best stuff today, but he still had his team right there.

— Mark Ingram is a wrecking ball and I am so happy he’s on our side. We need to keep feeding him because just produces, plain and simple.

Now to the bad…

— The Ravens once again abandoned the run despite absolutely dominating KC in that phase. If Baltimore keeps it on the ground more in that 2nd Quarter, I don’t think the Chiefs score 33.

— When you are struggling to open up the passing game, why are there no attempts to get Hollywood the ball on a screen or over the middle of the field? Lamar’s deep ball wasn’t as sharp this afternoon, but that doesn’t mean he couldn’t get it to Brown. When the air game needs a spark, he’s the guy the team should be finding, one way or another.

— This defense is legitimately worrying me a bit. I know that it’s Mahomes and the best offense in the game, but man, the last two weeks we’ve seen multiple absolutely broken plays and you simply can’t have guys running that free. Whether it’s a receiver, a tight end, or a running back off a screen, it doesn’t seem like this secondary is nearly as strong as we’d hoped. Not to mention the fact that there are occasional holes in the running game, too. You can’t give up a 41-yard rush when you need a stop. I don’t care what happened.

— I get that Harbaugh was trying to be aggressive on the road and set the tone, but two of the three two-point conversions made no sense to me. The one down 11 is obvious. But even the first — why give Chiefs fans a reason to get back into the game by potentially missing a conversion? Just take the XP and accept your hot start.

— Some of the penalties against the Ravens were stupid. I’m mainly looking at Judon, there. But I’m going to need multiple explanations on holdings against the Ravens, ones that weren’t called against the Chiefs, and how Miles Boykin‘s OPI is an OPI considering he didn’t engage until after the catch. Smh.

The Ravens are still in good shape, so long as they beat Cleveland at home. They could easily be 4-1, and I think that would have been the start we’d have asked for at the beginning of the year.

Let’s learn from it, correct the mistakes and fill the holes, and get back at it at home next Sunday.

Adam Bonaccorsi

Murphy’s Law struck the Ravens around 1:20pm today and never let go. 

Penalties (some highly questionable, some foolish at best), injuries, lack of pass rush, soft coverage in the secondary giving Mahomes all day to play 7-on-7, poor play by Lamar Jackson & lack of separation by receivers all contributed to an eventual (what seemed inevitable) demise. 

Still, somehow they fought back to within an onside kick and TD from victory on the road. Their resiliency is admirable and doesn’t alarm me in the last as far as the Ravens’ chances to take the AFC North; however this game showed me that the Ravens are clearly not in the same tier as the Chiefs in regards to an AFC contender. They’ll fight their way back to KC one more time in January… let’s hope the Ravens can correct their myriad of mistakes and not Plaxico themselves once more. 

I’m over it. ON TO CLEVELAND

Nick Capecci

A strange game.

Lamar was under pressure a considerable portion of the game, and his receivers were covered very well. I credit Steve Spagnuolo for calling a great game. 

The defense showed its true colors. The secondary was banged up and it showed, the inside linebackers are a liability in coverage, and the pass rush doesn’t have enough talent to compensate against a great play caller in Andy Reid. What was most surprising was how easily KC was able to run the ball.

Even though Lamar made some incredible plays both with his legs and his arm, I think they were lucky and unneeded. The Ravens were feared at the end of last year because of how complex their running scheme was, and we have not really seen that this year.

A lot to digest here, but we shift our focus to the Browns. Here’s to a cleaner game. 

Todd Karpovich

— John Harbaugh gambled and lost. The decision to go for 2 points after scoring the game’s opening touchdown and then failing to concert a 4th and 2 inside the Ravens own 50 led to an 8-point swing and was the difference in the game.

— The Ravens secondary is not even close to being among the best in the NFL without Jimmy Smith and Tavon Young. The defensive backs were taken apart for the the second straight week. Earl Thomas appears to be a step slow and Brandon Carr struggles in man coverage. 

— You have to credit Ravens quarterback Lamar Jackson and his will to put the team on his back to try and make plays. However, he was out-classed by Patrick Mahomes, who was much better picking up blitzes. Jackson might be an up-and-coming player in this league, but Mahomes is elite.

— The Ravens played a solid game against Super Bowl contender. However, I don’t think anyone should be looking for a moral victory. 

We’ll have more knee-jerk reactions as they roll in.

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