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The Good, Bad, & Ugly Depleted Secondary No Match for KC

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Ah, the taste of defeat. Lamar Jackson is now oh-fer-two against the alien that is Patrick Mahomes. This is the first time I’ve had to write an article about defeat since 2018, so strap in. It’s gonna be a bumpy ride.

Ravens OL vs. the Chiefs

Phil Hoffmann/Baltimore Ravens

The Good.

The offensive line had a good game on Sunday. The offensive line had some bad plays on Sunday. Both can be, and are true. Overall, the line opened holes in the run game, and Lamar Jackson had plenty of time and space to throw, most of the game.

Per my co-host, Cole Jackson: Matt Skura had a good game.

Thanks Cole, I concur. He showed massive improvement from Week 1, and even over Week 2. Marshal Yanda looked like he had more freedom to be Yanda-esque. And this was against Chris freakin’ Jones, guys. Jones is an absolute monster. I even said that Jones would decimate Skura, earlier in the week. Yeah, yeah.. I know. I was wrong. I get it.

Seeing this kind of game from the offensive line is encouraging. What’s not encouraging?

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The Bad.

Boy, I gotta say, this secondary has taken some hits. The end result is… not great. Jimmy Smith and Tavon Young are sorely missed, and it’s caused some Ravens fans to scream for the team to trade for Jalen Ramsey. (I’m one of them.)

A week after the Lawn Gnome passed for 349 yards, the Alien hung another 374 air yards on them. They still have to face Russell Wilson, Jared Goff, Deshaun Watson, and some guy named Tom Brady.

Like I said, not great. Having Anthony Averett as your starting outside corner is less than ideal, and having Maurice Canady on the field at any point and time is an act of desperation. Having Tony Jefferson in coverage is not a great idea. Earl Thomas saying his job was to eliminate the big play, and then not eliminate big plays is frustrating to say the least. Some people want to blame Brandon Carr, who’s had some tough matchups in the past two games, but I’m here to tell you that this is not his fault. He’s an outside corner that’s forced to play in the slot because someone can’t stay healthy, and he’s doing an admirable job of it. Yes, he’s gotten burned a couple of times, but he’s far from the problem. He even grabbed an interception this week, but it was negated by someone in the secondary. Imagine that.

This secondary is beaten up and banged up, all the way from CB1 (Marlon Humphrey) to CB2 (Jimmy Smith), and stopping to punch nCB1 (Tavon Young) in the face on the way by. They need help in a bad way. And where could they get help from? (Yes, I know, Jalen Ramsey, but this isn’t about him. Focus.)

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The Ugly.

The Ravens need help in the pass rush, though they do have a couple (and I do mean two) guys that can make an impact. Beyond Matt Judon and Pernell McPhee, the Ravens have absolutely nobody at outside linebacker that I trust as far as I can throw them. They’re big dudes, and I’m a lanky dude, just to give you an idea of how far that is. Tyus Bowser has made a couple of plays this year, but none in Week 3. Tim Williams has been… woof. That didn’t change in Week 3. Chris Wormley… is he even on the field? 

The Ravens got exactly one sack through 60 minutes of play, against an offensive line that had their starting left guard playing at left tackle, and some guy playing left guard. It’s ridiculous and honestly disgusting. I’m not mad.. I’m disappointed. The secondary, when healthy, can help the pass rush. The pass rush can not help a depleted secondary, and that’s a sign of a bad pass rush. Yes, I know, it’s Patty Mahomie. I’m aware that Andy Reid is Andy Reid. 

It doesn’t matter. If they can’t get home when they’re blitzing, there is a serious problem on the edge of the defense, and in this game it became far too apparent. 

Anyway, enjoy this picture of Tyus Bowser going unblocked because he’s not going to do anything anyway, so why not. The disrespect.

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The Claudia Feliciano.

Some of you may remember, during the Le’Veon Bell sweepstakes, how I was pushing for the Ravens to sign Mark Ingram instead. Some of you may even remember that I was shot down, ridiculed, and laughed at for my hill-dying. 

Well who’s laughing now?!

Through three games, Ingram has racked up 257 rushing yards and five scores on 43 carries. That’s a 6.0 YPC average, folks. In this specific game, he carried the ball just 16 times, for 103 yards and three tudders. My fantasy team is very happy about it. Those who follow me on Twitter will remember me e-screaming for the Ravens to run the ball because it was working. The Chiefs didn’t have an answer for Ingram’s particular brand of ‘big boy football’. 

Oh, he also had a 100% catch rate this week, snagging four passes for 32 yards, not a big deal.

Anyway, my work here is done. If you want to argue my season predictions, come find me on Twitter, @ChibsRSR. Let’s not lose next week.

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