Ravens 41 Texans 7

Knee-Jerk Reactions Ravens 41 Texans 7

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The Ravens dominated the Houston Texans in Week 11, winning 34-7 . RSR staff react to the win here. 


Derek Arnold

Wow. I predicted a big Ravens win in our bold predictions, but even the most optimistic version of Derek didn’t see THIS coming. The Ravens are living right – from the pass interference-that-wasn’t in the end zone on that early Texans drive, to the muffed punt bouncing right back to us, to the PI on Hollywood deep down the right sideline…everything is coming up Ravens. 

When the luck is going your way AND you’re as good as this Ravens team, the sky really is the limit. 

And, tell me again about how that Browns loss two months ago – a game in which they didn’t have Josh Bynes, L.J. Fort, Chuck Clark, Jimmy Smith, Marcus Peters, or Brandon Williams on the field – defines this Ravens defense. The one that just shut out Deshaun Watson & Co. for 53 minutes. I’ll wait. 

The Baltimore Ravens are for real, folks. 

Todd Karpovich

— Who saw this coming? Most of us predicted a Ravens win, but not by this wide of a margin. Impressive performance on both sides of the ball.

— Lamar Jackson has to be the leading candidate for league MVP with another magnificent performance. His ability to protect the football has been critical. The entire team rallies behind him. His detractors are just not paying attention. Jackson was 17 of 24 for 222 yards with four TDs (139.2 passer rating). He also had 9 carries for 86 yards. 

— The Texans had not allowed a 100-yard runner since Week 1 of the 2018 season. Gus Edwards had 112 yards on 8 carries with a TD. It was Edwards’ second career 100-yard game.

— Don Martindale put together another effective scheme. Watson was held scoreless in a half for the first time in his football career, dating back to his high school days. He was sacked a staggering six times. Ravens linebacker Tyus Bowser has four sacks on the season. He had 3.5 total sacks over the past two years.

— Baltimore has won six straight for the first time since the 2000 Super-Bowl run. That’s another good omen.
— The Ravens are still in the hunt for that top seed in the AFC playoffs — another potential Festivus miracle.

John Langley 

The Baltimore Ravens, if they didn’t before, made their statement. They are unequivocally the front runner in the AFC. There isn’t much to say. This team is really good. They play really strong defense, they run the ball well and Lamar Jackson continues to get better and better in the passing game. The funny part? The Ravens are just getting started. With Jackson on a rookie deal, they have the pieces and cap room to make a nice run here the next few years. This is fun to watch. 

Chad Racine

The Ravens are the most complete and dangerous team in the NFL and everyone knows it. Lamar has now beat Russell Wilson, Tom Brady, and DeShaun Watson convincingly head-to-head how can he not be the MVP?

Aidan Griesser

— How much is there to say about this one? The Texans got absolutely shellacked in every facet of the game, and the Ravens look like the unquestionable favorite in the AFC

— It must be a weird position to be a Lamar hater right about now. On one hand, you always gotta stick to your takes and ride them out, but on the other hand, your take would be absurdly inaccurate. Can’t wait to see how long it takes before the answer to whether or not Jackson is a good NFL quarterback is a unanimous ‘YES.’ The dude is flat out unreal.

— Matthew Judon is going to get big-time paid this offseason and Marcus Peters played at an All-Pro level today. DeCosta will have some interesting decisions to make this offseason to keep as much talent as possible, but with Jackson on a rookie deal, this is the time to shell the money out.

— Mark Ingram truly is the perfect fit in Baltimore. He characterizes the style of the team’s play and the city’s blue-collar mentality. He is so darn versatile and is vital to the team. Is it possible that he’s even underappreciated?

— Finally, the pass rush diid what it should against a bad O-Line. The combination of Jihad Ward and Jaylen Ferguson are coming on strong, here, and once again DeCosta is making the right in-season moves to keep this defense going strong (That also includes the pickups of Evans and Peko for this week).

— Let’s keep the ball rolling next week in LA. It could be a home game.

Chibs Telford

Zero points scored by either team in the first quarter, just like everybody expected.

Lamar Jackson started 1-6, just like everybody expected.

Lamar Jackson then went 14-15, just like everybody expected.

The Ravens won 41-7, just like everybody expected.

My point is, this game was nothing like anybody expected. Two MVP candidates facing off promised a game filled with offensive fireworks on both sides, in a shootout. What everybody got was a rout as Baltimore imposed their will on yet another ‘frontrunner’ team. Jackson was incredible. The defense was stout. Mark Andrews was Mark Andrews. Willie Snead got into the fun. And quietly, Gus Edwards had his first 100+ yard game of the season, with a score, breaking the streak of the Texans not allowing a 100-yard rusher (25 games). 

I don’t write my Good, Bad, and Ugly articles immediately following a game, because I like to take my emotions out of the articles. But right now, I feel like the Ravens are the best team in the AFC North, the AFC, and maybe the entire league.

Have I mentioned that I absolutely love Marcus Peters?

Carey Stevenson

It’s another convincing victory for what looks like the best team in the NFL right now. The offense is playing with a flow and a purpose that not many can rival. Lamar is somehow poised and efficient within the framework of the offense but able to create chaotic, mind blowing plays outside of it on a weekly basis. 

On defense they continue to slide all the puzzle pieces into the proper spots. They’ve had a ton of turnover on the fly but with Wink Martindale’s brilliance on display at the controls you’d never know. 

The Ravens may not necessarily be built to win from behind but they are built to impose their will on teams in an old school sense with new school ideals. Other teams have tried a similar approach but none of them have had Lamar Jackson.


We’ll have more knee-jerk reactions as they roll in…


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