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Knee-Jerk Reactions Ravens Extend CB Marcus Peters

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The Baltimore Ravens and CB Marcus Peters agreed on a three-year contract extension on Saturday. RSR staff react to the news here…

Tony Lombardi

The best kind of deal is a win-win and that is a common thread of the contracts completed by Eric DeCosta since he was given the title of GM. And oftentimes the way to achieve such fairness in negotiations is to be proactive. DeCosta was that way with Patrick Ricard, L.J. Fort and now Marcus Peters. By acting now, the Ravens prevent a key defensive component from entering free agency in March and we’ve seen what that has done in the past when UFA’s like Za’Darius Smith and C.J. Mosley hit a market flush with excess cap dollars.

The move now shifts a little leverage towards the Ravens in their negotiations with Matt Judon.

If there’s an organizational MVP in 2019 not named Lamar Jackson, it’s Eric DeCosta!

Brian McFarland

The is a great deal for the Ravens as GM Eric DeCosta has continued to follow through on his pledge to re-sign his own players before free agency. Peters’ new 3-yr/$42M deal is 6th in yearly average for CBs. The CB market has been flat for awhile now and due for a correction, but getting a pending UFA (coming off of a Pro Bowl berth) signed for less than top of the market is great work by DeCosta and the Ravens FO.

Given how well he’s played, the Peters trade would have still been a steal even if he had only been a 1/2 year rental, but to have given up so little and gotten him re-sign to such a reasonable deal (who knows what he would have gotten in March) is an absolute home run.

This deal has also positioned the Ravens to use the franchise tag on OLB Matthew Judon if a new contract is not reached before March (and assuming that if a new CBA is agreed to before March, that the franchise tag still exists).

John Langley

I called this a while ago, that the Ravens were going to extend Marcus Peters for three years to make it coincide with Marlon Humphrey’s impending contract extension. This is an absolute no-brainer. He has shored up this secondary, he has been lockdown in coverage, and he’s a playmaker. 

This likely means Jimmy Smith is gone in the off-season but with Tavon Young coming back and the likely tag of Matthew Judon, the Ravens defense will likely return in basically the same form. This is great news. 

Aidan Griesser

— This is a huge move for the Ravens, checking one of the biggest boxes for the offseason and giving the team three legitimate impact corners for this defense in Humphrey, Young and Peters.

— I wrote about this earlier in the year, but given how fundamentally sound the Ravens secondary is now that Chuck Clark is running communication, Peters is afforded the opportunity to take chances without being burnt as frequently as he was in LA.

— Every team needs a few wild dogs in the clubhouse, and Peters is definitely one of those. It feels like he was meant to be a Raven and DeCosta’s genius trade should continue to pay off.

Chad Racine

I was thinking about this the other day. I had a gut feeling the Ravens were close to extending him for some odd reason. I considered Peters to be the most important player to extend and as soon as possible. He appears to love it here and Eric DeCosta is focused on investing heavily in the secondary.  That seems to be the focus moving forward. With an elite secondary it allows for Wink Martindale’s exotic blitz packages to work and the lack of an elite pass rusher. 

Bill Cowher said last week that Marcus Peters is the best cover corner in the NFL. High praise from the former Steelers head coach. I agree and he’s certainly the best ball-hawking corner in the league. Some will say that he’s not physical enough and avoids tackles or even gambles too much. All of that may be true at times but that’s not his strength. Marlon Humphrey much like Jimmy Smith are the more physically imposing corners. Honestly I’d prefer Humphrey tone it down a bit instead of Peters becoming more aggressive.  I’m more concerned about the Ravens elite corners taking unnecessary damage and getting injured.

 DeCosta has done it again and at a very fair price. He’s the executive of the year in my opinion. 

Carey Stevenson

I had a bit of quiet optimism that a deal could be reached before the offseason. As good as Peters has been for the Ravens, he did get traded for Kenny Young and a 5th round pick.

I understand the circumstances around that deal as it pertains to the Jalen Ramsey trade but the trade treated Peters like he wasn’t worth anywhere near his salary and value. 

I’ve seen corner play around the league this year… could nobody else top that package? 

Factoring that in along with the narrative around Peters’ play as a reckless, overrated player and I wondered if he really would command the contract that his talent suggests.

Eric DeCosta swooped in and found common ground to pay Peters handsomely without going above the very top of the market. The AAV and the years on this deal are *chef’s kiss*. 

I know we’ve seen plenty of teams make runs with young cores and the thought is they’ll compete for years to come…only for that promise to never be realized. This feels different. 

Lamar Jackson is special enough on his own to give you a sense of security but the Ravens’ penchant for drafting well and playing the comp pick game overall, self-scouting, ability to develop useful players on cost-friendly deals coupled with their newfound pro activity as it pertains to re-upping their own players lend confidence to the thought that we’re seeing the beginning of a special run. 

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