Ill Advised Shakeup at The Fan

Russell Street Recap (from Casa Mia's White Marsh) Ill Advised Shakeup at The Fan

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The Fan Fumbles


Last week we learned about some big changes at 105.7 The Fan. The tag team of Scott Garceau and Jeremy Conn, staples at The Fan during the 2-6PM time slot since 2010, is breaking up. Garceau is moving on to do play-by-play for the Orioles on both MASN and radio while Conn is being moved to the 6-9PM weekday time slot.

In their place from 2-6PM, station Sr. VP Tracy Brandys has appointed Ken Weinman and Jason La Canfora. According to Brandys:

“This revamped programming schedule will allow us to continue providing around-the-clock content for Baltimore’s biggest sports fans. Adding Jason and Ken to our already successful lineup is a big win for our market. We are also excited about Scott and Jeremy’s new roles. All are an integral part of the success of 105.7 The Fan.”

Big mistake Tracy…

But before I elaborate, let me first thank Scott and Jeremy for the many conversations we had on air Mondays and Fridays for several years. They were always like bar room sports talks amongst friends that I thoroughly enjoyed – conversations that were derailed by a butt-hurt sports program director whose feelings were pricked by an April Fool’s joke on Russell Street Report. Poor thing.

That said, I sincerely admire both men and wish them continued success in their new roles.

Now, for the new Inside Access…

I’m not buying The Fan’s spin cycle here…

First, The Fan doesn’t have around-the-clock sports content. Their Saturday morning programming is often filled with riveting talk about retirement programs, mortgages and vitamin supplements.

And look, if they wanted to promote Weinman, why not leave him with Conn? Weinman, who possesses a wealthy knowledge of sports, is well spoken and delivers insightful opinions with an articulate flare, just doesn’t get it done for me. The many positives are overshadowed by his condescending responses to anyone that shares a contrasting opinion.

The Fan

But matched up with Conn, the two shared a very solid on-air rapport. It’s a pairing that makes sense to most, except of course to station management. So, for all of his hard work and dedication, Conn gets demoted to the 6-9PM slot which more than likely signals a pay cut and regular pre-empting to give way to programs like the Mark Turgeon show and of course Orioles baseball.

As for the addition of La Canfora, Brandys apparently doesn’t pay attention to Twitter where La Canfora is generally regarded as a joke. How ironic is it that the new program will be labeled, “Inside Access” when the next accurate breaking story/inside scoop that the Baltimore-native produces, will be his first. Here a couple of La Canfora inside scoops.

And then there was his breaking story on former Ravens LB Zach Orr, when La Canfora hinted that the announced Ravens press conference for Orr was possibly to announce a contract extension. Nope, just the opposite. Orr announced his retirement.

Perhaps the most interesting thing behind the La Canfora hire will take place behind the scenes during the exchange between the 10-2 show and the 2-6 program. Vinny Cerrato and La Canfora have a history that is laced acrimony and disdain. Just Google it and see for yourself. And while you put that search engine to work, look up how the self-proclaimed proud Baltimore sports fan jumped on the Red Sox bandwagon… for 20 years.

I could be wrong about the show. La Canfora is volatile and hot-headed and how he interacts with callers could usher in some unintentionally good entertainment value. Can’t wait to see how he handles a caller like Bob from Parkville. Oh wait, the station banned Bob and other callers like Ed from Arbutus.

At the end of the day, maybe The Fan simply sought balance with their new, “Inside Access” show.

They’ve managed to combine a guy who is never wrong with one who is never right.

What best describes your thoughts on the lineup changes at 105.7 The Fan?

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