5 Qualities of a Championship Team

Street Talk 5 Qualities of a Championship Team

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A championship team – it’s what every NFL fan dreams and each hopes that their team will become the next one to win the Lombardi Trophy.

What makes a championship football team, though?

These well-oiled machines seem to make everything click together — the defense and offense work in synch. Any weaknesses exposed are immediately dealt with, which makes them that much stronger.

So, what makes a championship football team? Our five points of a winning team can help you with your 2020 NFL futures betting predictions.

Strong, Reliable Quarterback

You can’t talk about a championship football team and not start with the quarterback. That’s because he’s the field general. The players look to the quarterback to guide them through their moves and to keep everyone united.

Of course, without the quarterback, you’re relying solely on running the ball, which doesn’t always work. So, you need a quarterback who knows the ins and outs of the game, can lead every player and fills the role of the coach while on the field.

Drive and Determination

To be a winning team, you must have the drive and determination to achieve such a lofty goal. If the players are there to simply have fun and make a few dollars, it’s hard to keep them motivated to push the limits.

For a winning team, it’s about playing the best at each game and improving your skills every day. When a player has the desire to perform at his peak, it provides the drive and determination to reach greatness.

A Competent Head Coach

Just like a team needs a reliable quarterback, they also need a competent coach. It is the coach that brings the team together, that motivates them each day, improve each player’s knowledge about the game, and is the patriarchal figure for every individual on the team.

A head coach that isn’t there to inspire greatness and be the backbone of the team, it’s hard for the players to come together and become a championship team.

Clear Communication

Communication is crucial in every aspect of life, and a championship team is no exception. Some would say that communication is even the most essential element of a championship team. Without it, the team will end up in disarray.

Clear communication happens both on and off the field. While on the field, teammates and the coach that communicate with one another stay on the same page with every play. For off the field, clear communication involves laying down ground rules, staying updated on the health of everyone, and working on new strategies all the time.


Lastly, a team needs confidence in themselves. It’s not that they only rely on their talent and cross the line towards arrogance. Instead, it’s having confidence in the qualities listed above and that each player is playing to the best of their ability. Having that kind of confidence can push players to their peak abilities.

Do the Ravens check off all the boxes?

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