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Street Talk Time to Go Shopping?

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According to RSR CAP WIZ Brian McFarland, the Baltimore Ravens will have about 13 mil in cap space after the Earl Thomas contract void. What will they do with that money? Is there a top-notch player who could take a discount to play on a winner?

I’ll give you a hint. This guy has the seventh-most tackles for loss since 2015, according to NFL.com. He’s shut down an offer from the Cleveland Browns for $17 Million per year and has been linked to the Tennessee Titans, Las Vegas Raiders and Seattle Seahawks during the offseason. Sure he’s only played a full 16 game-season once (in 2017), but he may be worth the gamble.

I’m talking about the dog Jadeveon Clowney. Kevin O is reading my mind:

Is he a fit? What does he add? Imagine not being the team laughed at for its lack of sacks (the Ravens were 21st in the league in 2019). The three-time Pro Bowler’s talents could help fix that. Combine him with Calais Campbell, Derek Wolfe, Brandon Williams, and Matthew Judon? QBs are already going to need to max-protect against these stars.

Adding the former SC player makes the unit elite.

Our own Tony Lombardi even gushed when speaking about the player.

“Jadeveon Clowney to the Ravens. Sounds good on paper. This beast of an edge rusher is extremely physical and commands attention from running backs who are held in the backfield to help keep their quarterbacks upright. He’s the author of some pretty impressive plays behind the line of scrimmage.”

What I like about Clowney the most is his ability to whoop the man in front of him on the way to the backfield. If you go back and watch the tape against the Seahawks, there are multiple plays where he just has a nose for the ball and sniffs out the run.


The former Seahawk uses his shiftiness and acceleration to get into the backfield with ease. Before the linemen recognize it, it’s too late.

The Ravens need this type of production. If the Ravens plan on getting back to the post-season, they need to stop the run and get to the passer. Clowney combined with the current roster would be overkill, but if you want to win without a doubt, you bring a sledgehammer to fight an ant.


It has been made very clear by Josina Anderson that Clowney wants deep in the pockets of whatever team signs him. According to Rotoworld, here are her thoughts as of the end of June on the matter.

“Clowney also told Anderson that he “has not narrowed down a final team” and is “still open” to any suitor. The 27-year-old is still believed to be looking for $17-18 million per year.”

As time passes by and the roster itch gets stronger, could the former 1st-round pick drop his price tag? I believe so. $13 Mil (or less…depending on cap/contract structure) is quite the drop from his initial aspiration point.

However, hopefully he recognizes the monster the Ravens are building and takes full advantage of wanting to be a winner.

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