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The Different Types of Bets You Can Use to Place Real Money NFL Wagers

In the past, sports betting meant choosing a team you thought would win a particular game. However, things have changed, giving rise to many options. The sports betting industry is now much more complicated, bigger, and involved.

The NFL is prominent in the United States and one of the best sports to bet on because it is easily understandable. Finding an excellent bookmaker is key to making good money and this should not be difficult considering that you can easily find a list of bookmakers with great bonuses online. When choosing the best bookmaker make sure it is reliable, mobile compatible, secure, supports different kinds of sports, and payment options.

Prop Bets

With this type of bet, you wager your money on specific results within the game, and besides getting a chance to make some money, it also brings a certain level of excitement. You can place bets on different things like the team that will score first or the number of rushing touchdowns a particular team will have.

Prop bets can render betting money on the NFL way more complicated, especially when they form part of a bigger parlay. Props provide a chance to bet on a game without wagering on the final score; however, they carry downsides such as a compared to Moneyline and spread, they have a lower maximum bet.


This type of bets means picking the winner of a specific match; they are straightforward bets but they do not offer a 50/50 proposition. Since teams are not the same, you need to account for these differences before placing these bets. 

Betting sites come up with Moneyline bets by changing the pay-outs to make up for the team disparities instead of modifying the expectations. The numbers assigned to teams should give you a hint of the team that will likely win and the one that will probably lose. Positive numbers are assigned to the underdog, while negative ones go to the favourite. For example, if Baltimore Raven is expected to win, it will get a negative number.

Under/over bets

If you are not interested in placing a wager on a specific team, you can opt to bet on an entire game by placing Over/Under bets. This bet involves betting on the total number of points instead of choosing who will win. These types of bets are more conservative but quite useful if you believe a game will be defensive or offensive and that there is no clear favourite.

Spread Bets

Spread bets should be the first bets you consider when learning how to wager real money. The spread betting is intended to level the field between teams with different skill levels and expectations as these disparities contribute to the likely outcomes of a match. Bookmakers give the “line” or “spread,” representing the number of points a team will win or lose by to equalize the teams.

With so many competitive games, different betting styles, and an entertaining postseason, you should keep tabs of the NFL. Take time to learn how to place winning bets and raise your chances of winning good money.

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