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Hot Take Tuesday Yes, Lamar Has Comebacks In Him

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I’m about to say something a lot of fans might wholeheartedly disagree with, but that’s the goal of these articles, I guess.

After watching Baltimore’s frustrating loss to the Patriots, I found myself with a flurry of postgame feelings, most of which were some form of…again, frustration. But one that stood out to me as interesting was that Lamar Jackson actually played well. Scratch that…given the circumstances, I think he played really well.

Sure, Jackson’s intercepted pass to Hollywood Brown to end the first half was a big mistake, but outside of that, where did he have a misstep?

With a 98.8 QBR, two TD passes and 249 yards on a 71% completion percentage, you could argue that the Ravens QB had his best game since Week 2 in Houston. That was while losing on the road, in a torrential downpour, against the best coach in NFL history. Here’s where I’m going with this: despite losing, Lamar Jackson actually proved to me that he can lead the Ravens to victory from behind.

I understand how that doesn’t really make sense, and I understand that Jackson has only won a game where he was trailing at halftime once (two weeks ago in Indy). In this particular game, though, the Ravens were really up against it, and Jackson gave them a chance to win.

Let’s be honest – the minute I saw the sheet of rain that basically turned watching the game into listening to it on the radio, I knew there was no way Baltimore was going to score on the last drive. But with that in mind, Jackson deserves credit for his role in putting the Ravens in that position.

Jackson dealt with drops, bad snaps that threw off his rhythm, a poor rushing attack, and a sheer lack of time on the field, thanks to the defense being unable to slow down New England’s running game. So yeah, you can point out that they only scored 17 points and he failed to lead a comeback once again, but in my eyes, he had them right there.

The high expectations for the Ravens makes it difficult to look at Jackson in this way, but he’s a 3rd year QB that’s still developing. He’s not going to win every game, and its completely fair to note the losses in which he plays well.

This was one such loss, and no matter how disappointing it was, it proved to me that Jackson is fully capable of leading comebacks.

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