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“I’m upset.”

-Drake, but also Ravens fans

That sucked. Nothing about that game felt good. Everything is awful. The Ravens are worse than the friggin’ Browns. We won’t make the playoffs. Coaching sucks, injuries suck, offense sucks, defense sucks, special teams sucks, refs suck, this league sucks.

There. We got that out of our system.

Now let’s talk about some silver linings, because if the misery that is COVID-19 (and really, 2020) has taught us anything? It’s that you need to find some semblance of joy in these dark times, or else you’re just some curmudgeon that lives life under a dark cloud of misery.  

(Oh, and speaking of COVID-19, I wrote this before the news broke that some Ravens players and staff tested positive this morning.)

Let’s see what we can find that brings us joy, excitement, and hopefully, promise of a brighter future just around the corner.

Let’s start with J.K. Dobbins finally taking his spot atop the throne. After another week of split-back situations in the first quarter, Dobbins took the rock and never gave it back. Other than being spelled on a rare occasion by Gus Edwards, Dobbins was ‘The Man.’ We’ll get to see more of that in 2020, but the promise of Dobbins in the long run should have Ravens fans elated for what I expect to be the best Ravens running back (on the field) since Ray Rice, possibly even better.

The resurgence of Dez Bryant should also light up your life. You can try a pessimistic route and point out that second year receivers Hollywood Brown and Miles Boykin are so bad that it makes Dez look good, but how about just thinking that the Ravens gave Dez a chance and he’s exactly what this offense needed to generate a spark? Surely, we can expect more looks than his three catches this week, and the potential to not only redefine his career, but to do so in Baltimore, is a fantastic feeling.

How about the injury front for Baltimore? Are you forgetting that Calais Campbell and Brandon Williams will be back? Anthony Averett should be returning to provide secondary depth? Tyre Phillips could return and provide a boost at Right Tackle?

The Ravens will certainly miss the likes of Nick Boyle, Ronnie Stanley, and Tavon Young, but there’s certainly reinforcements on the horizon that will only help this Ravens team down the stretch.

Naturally, plenty of other bright spots showed up yesterday that are falling far under the radar today. James Proche has his first NFL reception and what a fantastic route he ran.

We could be seeing more of the former SMU product moving forward. And what about Yannick Ngakoue with his first sack as a Raven, that happened to be a strip sack? He continues to make plays (some negated by penalties on others) and he’s just flying under the radar right now. Whether or not you think he ‘fixes’ this defense in 2020, I don’t expect the Ravens traded for Yannick just to hang out in 2020; the more production we see out of the former Terp should have fans downright giddy for this player the masses have been clamoring for since 2018 when he first came up in trade rumblings.

Oh, and how about some Luke Willson love in that game? Sign me up to sign him up to this roster immediately! Solid depth player, and a solid blocking Tight End.

I know the record has all of the makings of doom and gloom, but let’s try one more note…

Has anybody looked at the Ravens schedule beyond the Turkey Day matchup with Pittsburgh? Are you afraid of Dallas, Cincy or Jacksonville with their backup QB situations? Are you scared of the Giants? Sure the Browns are stacking wins, but they’re not some major threat for Baltimore. There’s absolutely justifiable reason to believe that the Ravens could finish 11-5 this year…

And fans are collectively washing this season as a bust.

This team is not perfect. They may not be what we expected, or have potential to make that deep playoff run, but they do have one thing…

A chance.

A chance to turn things around. A chance to silence the doubt and negativity. And chance to make some unexpected noise as the Ravens once again become the plucky underdogs, where they are always seem to thrive, as opposed to their tendency to disappoint as heavy favorites.

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