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Knee-Jerk Reactions Ravens 40 Jaguars 14

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The Ravens beat the Jacksonville Jaguars 40-14 in Week 15 of the 2020 NFL season. RSR staff react to the win here…

Derek Arnold

That was fun. Hopefully the defenders who took the day off – Calais Campbell, Jimmy Smith, & Marcus Peters – heal up nicely. Of course, the Ravens can’t get any help from anybody, with Indianapolis & Miami both winning.

But they took care of their own business, in convincing fashion. What’s not to love?

Chad Racine

The Ravens did exactly what they were supposed to do: maul a team that came in with one win. That’s not to take away from the excellent performance on both sides of the ball. The offense has been humming for the last few games. However, the defense had been struggling up until now. 

Even without Marcus Peters, Calais Campbell, Jimmy Smith and others, the defense was back on track.  Of course Yannick Ngakoue made his presence known today and he looked outstanding. The pass rush in general was maybe the best it has looked all season with five sacks. With a beat up secondary that was very much needed. Hopefully with a few more players getting healthy they can continue the strong play.

The offense continues to be reminiscent of the 2019 powerhouse it was. Lamar has been exceptional the last few games and with Hollywood getting back into his groove the big plays should keep on coming. I was happy to see Dez get his touchdown even though I certainly didn’t expect it. J.K. Dobbins is a monster and is going to be a force for teams down the stretch and hopefully in the playoffs. Mark Andrews is also looking as good as he’s ever looked and the entire offense is firing on all cylinders.

Ben Dackiw

Just another day at the office. I feel silly for being somewhat concerned about this game. I thought the lack of corners would be an issue but clearly I was wrong. The Ravens team as a whole is hitting its stride. With January on the horizon, that is a very scary thing for the AFC. And if the seeds shape up the way I think they will, Pittsburgh will be first in line.


More knee-jerk reactions as they roll in…

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