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The Ravens defeated the New York Giants 34-13 in Week 16 of the 2020 NFL season. RSR staff react to the win here…

Derek Arnold

It didn’t look like the Ravens were going to get any help, despite taking care of business. Then, both the Jets and the (ugh) Steelers woke up, and did what they needed to do to hand the Browns and Colts losses. Either of those would have been enough, but both is even better. Now, the Ravens win next week in Cincy, and they are in the postseason.

The second half wasn’t as pretty as the first, but the first was a thing of beauty: efficient offense, stifling defense, great running game, efficient passing game, and few penalties. In short, the type of football this team needs to play to make the type of run they want to make.

And, thanks to the Jets & Steelers, it’s the type of run they can now make, just by beating the Bungles in Cincy.

Ben Dackiw

Not as pretty as I would’ve liked, but the business has been taken care of. Lamar looked good in the pocket, the offensive line continues to jell, and J.K. Dobbins + Gus Edwards might be the best running tandem in the league. I’m not super concerned with the defense as the Giants only made the game close off of a bad special teams penalty by Justice Hill. The pass rush coming together is just what we need going into January.

I’m expecting a better performance when we have Jimmy and Peters on the field.

Adam Bonaccorsi

A win is a win and despite a lackluster ST effort and overall second half, that’s exactly what we got. Offensively the Ravens moved rather methodically with an insistence on eating clock, and did so rather seamlessly.

Honestly, outside of a pair of “shoulda had it” Mark Andrews touchdowns, Gus’ goal line fumble and a Dobbins injury (that he came back from) it was palatable.

They didn’t need to do too much, so they didn’t. And that’s fine.

Defensively, another great week on the sack stat sheet is fantastic to see, as a six pack in this game against Danny Dimes sure was pretty. That being said, the secondary had me a bit confused. Every Jones completion (tons of crossers) seemed to be about 5-8 yards clear of any defender in the second half. You can get away with it here, but surely not in the postseason.

ST was scary. Justice Hill ruined a 4th & 23 with a Roughing the Kicker penalty, a delay of game killed a Tucker FG and forced a punt, and Chris Moore whiffed on the punt returner in his first action back.

Again, a win is a win. And a playoff spot is a playoff spot.


Chad Racine

For the fourth straight week Lamar Jackson and crew are humming along nicely. The defense has continued to improve the last two weeks, specifically the pass rush. Reaching five sacks for two weeks straight is a very good sign moving forward. There were too many defensive penalties but I’d rather them happen in this game and get cleaned up by the playoffs. 

With the Jets and Steelers both winning, Ravens fans can wipe the taste of the Raiders loss last night out of their mouth. 

The Ravens right now to me look like the scariest team in the playoffs and that’s including the Chiefs. I feel pretty good about January.

Aidan Griesser

The Ravens did what I expected them to, managing the game well and leaving with an easy win. Getting a ton of help from the Jets and Steelers is massive, too. Sneaky good game from Anthony Averett. Let’s play in January!

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