Ravens Improved Execution in H2 vs. TEN Shawn Hubbard/Baltimore Ravens

Tale of the Tape Ravens Improved Execution in H2 vs. TEN

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The Ravens struggled to get the run game going in the first half against the Titans on Sunday. The first half numbers got a bump from the 15-yard swing pass ‘run’ to Hollywood Brown in the second quarter that went for 15 yards, but were anemic overall.

But ‘WHY’ did the Ravens struggle? Let’s take a look.

Click play on the below links as I walk through what I saw using the coach’s film.



My Key takeaways: – I think these clips highlight both good defense by the Titans, but also a lack of execution by the Ravens – Not only did Roman adjust his play calling in the second half, but the Ravens SIGNIFICANTLY cleaned up their execution in run blocking.

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