Ravens Draft Georgia G Ben Cleveland

Knee-Jerk Reactions Ravens Draft Georgia G Ben Cleveland

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With the 94th overall pick in the 2021 NFL Draft, the Ravens selected Georgia guard Ben Cleveland. The highlight, though, was former Raven Jacoby Jones having a bit of fun with the Cleveland Crowd.

RSR Staff react to the pick here…

Nikhil Mehta

It’s tough not to draft C Quinn Meinerz here after his tumble to the end of the 3rd round, but this just means that the coaching staff is comfortable with Bradley

Bozeman at center. Cleveland has one of the best physiques of any lineman in this draft, and he’s excellent in pass protection as well. I can’t wait to see him clear lanes for Jackson, Dobbins, and Edwards. Great combination of BPA value and need here by EDC.

Rob Shields

After watching the press conference, it was obvious how badly the Ravens wanted Ben Cleveland.  It seems very obvious that Bozeman goes to C.  The big question I have now is, who makes the team?  If we assume Villanueva is signed, that gives us Stanley, Zeitler, Bozeman and Villanueva as starters with Powers, Bredesen, Cleveland and Phillips fighting for LG.  They also have Mekari (who showed well at RT last year and has versatility) and Colon-Castillo, who I think is the best back up C we have. However, that is 10 players.  At most they keep nine and may only keep eight.  Who misses out?

Chad Racine

The very big Ben Cleveland fits the Ravens mold of behemoth offensive lineman. Could Bozeman move to center and Cleveland get a chance to start at left guard ? Unlikely in my opinion and he’ll probably be a backup for Zeitler and possibly a starter after Zeitler’s contract expires.

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