Guide For Beginners: Wagering on The NFL

Street Talk Guide For Beginners: Wagering on The NFL

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See How Easily You Can Bet on NFL as a Newbie?

Betting on the National Football League, or NFL is almost as popular as watching it. Millions of fans worldwide enjoy betting some money on each game; millions more are wagering a lot. For newbies, however, phrases like “betting against the spread” are confusing. 

If you are new to NFL betting, you’re at the right place. Whether you want to place a bet on online casinos where you can get the best no deposit bonus or other betting sites, the following guides will help you understand the ways to bet on NFL.

The Point Spread

The most favorite way to bet on football is to bet “against the spread.” Bettors have other terms for the spread, such as betting the spread, point spread betting, and ATS or against the spread.

The spread provides points to the underdog team as it supports equal betting on each team. Spreads are often found with half-points attached, known as a “hook,” which avoids the chances of having a tie or push.

The spread levels the playing field: to cover the spread, the favored team should not only win the game, but they should also win by a certain number of points. If you bet on the underdog team, they don’t have to win the game for your bet to win. As long as the winning team doesn’t beat them by certain points, you will win. Of course, if they win, you’ll win as well.

The Moneyline

Moneyline is less popular compared to betting the spread. However, this is the easiest type to bet on in the NFL. In this type of betting, you are simply choosing whose team is going to win.

The odds tell your possible payout as well as the implied probability on the sportsbook. While this system is simple and easy to understand, it offers a low return on investment.

The Totals (over/under)

Betting on this system has nothing to do with who’s going to win the game. Rather, the focus is on the overall scores. Bettors also called it “over-under betting.”

Odds are typically the same whether you are betting over or under. Moreover, the total from the sportsbook may change throughout the week. When betting on this system, ensure that you hit the appropriate option with the right letter, which is “u” for under and “o” for over. However, if the odds are different between the two options, the total will be listed twice.

Multiple-game Bets

With anywhere between 13-16 games to choose from, you can bet on two or more games every week. Teasers and parlays will let you do that, and they are very profitable options for bettors who can use them.


In layman’s terms, the parlay is a bet which includes two or more events. It may include a combination of a point spread, total, or Moneyline bets from one game or more each week. But most sportsbooks will not let you bet the spread and money line in one game. Some sportsbooks have a cap for the maximum number of events in a parlay, and others allow unlimited events.

Your possible payout increases as you construct a parlay, as you must get every event correct. It allows you to win more with lesser risk. However, you have to remember that there’s no prize if you miss at least one game.


The teaser is a parlay type where all bets are total or against the spread. This will let you sacrifice possible payouts for more advantage on spreads.

Many sportsbooks will let you tease the spread by +6.0, +6.5, or 7.0 points. As mentioned, your possible payouts will decrease since you are getting more advantage on spreads.

You may also use tease on totals. Some sportsbooks provide a list of alternate spreads that you can choose from each game. This will let you use the spread in either of the game’s directions.

As per parlay’s case, you must get all the events correct to win a bet in the teaser. It’s crucial to know the sportsbook when building your teasers and parlays since some of them will pull out an event from the teaser or parlay if the result is a push. Meanwhile, others consider the push as a loss.

These are just the basic options in NFL betting. You will learn more as you go on your betting journey. Furthermore, always remember to wager responsibly!

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