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Ravens Fall in Vegas, 33-27 in Overtime

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The Ravens blew a 14-0 lead and lost 33-27 to Las Vegas in overtime in Week 1. RSR staff react to the loss here.

Darin McCann

This one is probably going to take a while to digest. Ravens had it. Raiders made it a game. Ravens go for go-ahead score at the end. Raiders answer. Raiders have it in the bag. Raiders bang one off the hands of Willie Snead to give the Ravens life.

You get the point. Concerns at right tackle will be voiced loudly this week, along with the lack of a consistent pass rush. It wasn’t an ugly loss, honestly. Just a weird game, that you feel the Ravens let slip away.

Back to the lab before a big one Sunday night that probably just gained even more importance.

Derek Arnold

We consider the Ravens to be a fairly talented team, but if it weren’t for Lamar Jackson, they would have not just gotten beat, but gotten blown out, by what’s widely considered a middle-of-the-road squad. Credit to the Raiders, who clearly wanted this one more than Baltimore did, but the disappointment delivered by the Ravens can’t be overstated.

They nearly stole victory from the jaws of defeat after the Raiders almost Browns’ed themselves out of a win in OT, but in the end this game went the way that it should have. It was fitting that yet another Wink Martindale blitz failed to get home on the final play, after a Raiders blitz ended the Ravens’ only possession of overtime.

The last time we saw the Ravens, losing in the postseason in Buffalo, we knew they needed to improve the offensive line. Those improvements were…not evident, to put it mildly. I’m willing to give Ronnie Stanley a little bit of slack as he shakes off the rust, but watching the Vegas ends sprint around both edges untouched on play after play after play was nauseating. The Tyre Phillips injury makes a bad situation worse. On plays where Lamar had three seconds to throw, it was an improvement of two from the average. Maybe they would have been better moving forward than backpedaling, but yet again Greg Roman refused to commit to the running game. Ty’Son Williams looked good, especially on his 35-yard TD run, but wasn’t on the field much in the second half. Hopefully he isn’t hurt, but if he isn’t, the coaching staff certainly has some explaining to do. 

On the other side, the pass rush we were promised would be able to win 1-on-1 matchups was instead swallowed up time and again. Forced to blitz, they still couldn’t get to Derek Carr. Patrick Mahomes, Travis Kelce, and Tyreek Hill will be licking their chops in film sessions this week. I mean, you gave up 435 passing yards to…Derek Carr. And let him get into field goal range with under 40 seconds and no timeouts to tie it to end regulation. Hang your heads in shame, Ravens defenders.

Ben Dackiw

I’m at a loss. Quite possibly the worst defensive performance in a second half of football since Wink took over.

Mark Andrews that was quite possibly the most pathetic game I’ve ever seen from someone who just got a massive payday. Anemic is how I would describe that game from him, which included a drop that would have moved the sticks near midfield needing a FG to win in OT.

This offensive line owes Lamar Jackson a beer and more. Lamar was running for his life all game.

As for Lamar, he was good, but the ball security is a huge problem: two fumbles is unacceptable in any game. 

The positives that I did see in this game are outweighed by the negatives. Both the O-Line and D-Line got man-handled. Just like every other bad loss in the last four years.

Once again, the Ravens lost a game they should’ve won and stupid mistakes were their downfall.

The tackling during Vegas’ last three drives was non-existent, especially on Renfroe’s massive reception where Marlon just…. Stopped?

Speaking of Marlon, he’s the only defensive player that played 60(+) minutes.

The Ravens had Vegas dead to rights and they let them back in.

Embarrassing. The Ravens are staring down the barrel of the 0-2 shotgun with Kansas City waiting. Not great.

Aidan Griesser

Each of the team’s question marks seemed to be exposed Monday night, particularly along the offensive line. While Jackson had two costly fumbles that he’ll have to own, he was running for his life all game and was unable to get into a rhythm because of it.

Baltimore simply must be better in that facet.

Secondly, the secondary struggled, though I found this less surprising. That was magnified by the heck of a performance put on by Derek Carr. Give him props — he made big throws in big moments.

Finally, the coaching philosophy was extremely questionable in multiple spots. Why did the Ravens abandon Ty’Son Williams while he was finding success? Why choose to rush three on each play when the Raiders have under 40 seconds and no time outs? Harbaugh and company will have to answer for these.

All around, the Ravens have a ton of cleaning up to do if they’ll stand a chance against KC. By no means is 0-2 an end to the season, but it’d be a real tough start.

Chad Racine

This was a heart breaker. I had the feeling after the Anthony Averett interception the Ravens were going to pull it off. That was one of my bold predictions that Averett was going to get his first career interception.  It couldn’t have came at a better time. Unfortunately it didn’t matter. 

The offensive line struggled mightily, especially Alejandro Villanueva, and now Tyree Phillips injured.  The Ravens have a lot of work to do this week in order to be competitive against the Chiefs. 

Rob Shields

After the Ravens took a 14-0 lead, the game never really felt good to me. You knew it would be a tough game with all the injuries, the lack of time the OLine had to jell, the emotion of the first real home game for Vegas and just your normal road issues you have in the NFL.  

The team never seemed to have a rhythm the whole night.  The passing game was inconsistent for all the same reasons as before: poor scheming by Roman, Lamar off target, receivers not getting open and awful pass protection.  Villanueva was terrible last night. You could just tell that you had new guys, guys playing in different positions and guys who were rusty. You hope this gets better quickly or this season will be over before it really gets started. 

The run game was fine. They averaged well over 5 yards per carry and got 189 yards. So, all the doom and gloom about losing the RBs didn’t really show its face in this game, which is about what I expected. I also felt that the secondary played well until the end. They were gassed but leading up to those final few minutes of the 4th, they held up very well.  The problem the secondary had was that the pass rush was non existent.  They couldn’t cover forever and eventually they got worn down.

The Ravens went into the offseason wanting to fix the pass rush and being more explosive on offense.  Instead, the pass rush looked the same (although Oweh played well at times) and while they scored 27 points, there wasn’t much in the way of big plays outside of the Watkins catch towards the end of the game.  

The reality is that this game was lost on third down.  The Ravens were 3-12 on third down and never seemingly were able to sustain drives. The Raiders ran 13 more plays and the Ravens had only one drive that went more than 3:33 on the clock and that was their first drive. That drive was just over 5 minutes but only gained 24 yards.

Lamar also looked bad to me.  The running was good although he looked hesitant early in the game, but outside of the Watkins throw and a throw to Hollywood on a crossing pattern earlier in the game, he just felt off. Obviously the Oline had something to do with it and Roman couldn’t scheme a passing game if his life depended on it but if Lamar wants to justify being paid 40+M a year, he has to overcome some of these things and be better than last night.  He wasn’t good on third down and had the two critical fumbles that were a big part of them losing the game.

All in all, I saw nothing last night that makes me think they have a chance to beat KC this week. The critical game of the season may be Week 4 vs Denver.  If you assume (maybe a poor assumption) that you beat Detroit in Week 3, you really need that Denver win.  Starting off 2-2 with the injuries they have had isn’t awful and then you play three straight home games. At that point, hopefully the line has jelled and you start to get back guys like Boyle and Bateman and just overall get healthier.  

You do that, you are right back in things.  But if you lose that Denver game and you are 1-3, you are in a lot of trouble.  

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