RAVENS RANT: Quit Crying, Vic Fangio!

Street Talk RAVENS RANT: Quit Crying, Vic Fangio!

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Somebody needs to tell Vic Fangio to quit whining about the final play on Sunday, and move on with his (3-1) team that just got embarrassed at home in a 23-7 loss to the Baltimore Ravens.

Not even 24 hours after the Ravens put the hay in the barn (and the Denver ponies in there with it), Fangio was at the mic complaining about the Ravens’ decision to run the ball on the final play of the game, instead of taking a knee and running out the clock.

As we all know, the Ravens were just shy of 100 total rushing yards on the day and needed just three more to tie an NFL-record that had been in place for over thirty years…

Thanks to Fangio’s last-minute push to score for no apparent reason, which led to a turnover, the Ravens got the ball back, they ran it, tied the record, and watched all of Denver get caught up in their feelings… as if that was the worst part of watching their previously undefeated team get pummeled in their own home.

Here’s what ol’ Vic had to say today (video above):

“Yea, I kinda thought it was bullsh*t but I expected it from them, yanno, thirty-seven years of pro ball and I’ve never seen anything like that so… but, it was to be expected, and we expected it… I just know how they operate… yanno, that’s just their mode of operation there… player safety is secondary.”

For starters, Vic, the reason the Ravens even had that opportunity is because you tried to get your offense in a position to win a game… while down 16 (that’s two touchdowns and two two-point conversions for those folks counting at home) with less than 30 seconds on the clock. It made sense when the Broncos got the ball back with a shade under two minutes, but once it was under thirty seconds with the clock rolling and they were still throwing and trying to score, as if it was even feasible?

You lost any credibility on the merits, coach…you were just salty.

Hell, forget my note on 30 seconds…the Broncos were inexplicably dialing up shots to the end zone with just 10 seconds left in the game after they were out of timeouts… only for Drew Lock to throw a horrendous pick and give the Ravens the ball back.

That’s on you, Vic. You played stupid games, and won stupid prizes.

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Moreover, if he wants to bash the Ravens for player safety being secondary to them, doesn’t putting your starting offense on the field with essentially no time and in a hole they can’t dig out of quickly enough have the same possible ramifications? How is what Harbs did in one singular play a ‘player safety’ concern, but an entire drive for your offense isn’t, Vic?

Or is Fangio’s “player safety” shot in reference to J.K. Dobbins getting hurt in the first drive of a preseason game… while Vic was also playing his starters for as many series, if not more? And now has seven starters on his own team out?

Kettle meet pot, I guess???

I’m also irked that Fangio acts like he knows this Ravens franchise so well, when he hasn’t been a part of it in twelve years! In fact, the last time he was on the Ravens coaching staff, John Harbaugh was only two years into his head coaching gig, and not a single coach of significance who was on that staff in 2009, remains in Baltimore today.

But Fangio “knows how they operate,” right?

One last thought for ya, Vic: you mentioned that you hadn’t seen this in 37 years as a coach, right?

Well considering the Victory Formation became commonplace in 1978 after the Miracle at the Meadowlands… 43 years ago… that makes sense; however, as a kid who grew up just a few hours away from the Meadowlands, and about the same distance from Philadelphia (the Eagles’ Herm Edwards scooped that fumble and ran it home for a touchdown) you’d think the pre-victory-formation days shouldn’t be some foreign concept to you.

But it’s okay, Vic. We enjoy your tears of defeat here in Baltimore, and will always remember your tantrum when we look back at how easily a little five-yard scamper got under your skin on the way to the record books.

Enjoy the season coach, and on top of that, enjoy reading John Harbaugh’s absolute shade he served back to you in his press conference today!

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