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Whenever a team can field an extremely gifted athlete who also possesses a tremendous work ethic, not only do they get a highly coveted player, they also get a natural born leader even if it’s only through the example they set. Whenever a team has the good fortune of employing such a tone-setter who is also selfless and puts team goals ahead of his own, they get Lamar Jackson.

There’s no denying that Lamar is a generational talent. And this season he’s proving the naysayers wrong – that he can be dangerous as a passer; that he can create chunk plays with his arm; that he can get the ball to receivers outside the numbers.

Lamar is in his fourth season with the Ravens and he won’t turn 25 until January 7. No. 8 could remain in Baltimore for a very long time, provided of course the Ravens get a long-term deal done with the 2019 MVP.


Jackson has an aura about him that is endearing. His humility attracts teammates, coaches, fans and even opponents. And there’s no denying that the humility coupled with his boyish charm and zest for life shape him into a perfect role model for kids worldwide.

Keeping Lamar in Baltimore won’t be cheap and he’s likely to earn just a tad less than Patrick Mahomes who signed a 10-year, $450M deal in 2020. That said, if Lamar earns another MVP Trophy and he delivers a Super Bowl win for the Ravens, he could become the NFL’s top breadwinner. Either way, that new contract is unlikely to happen until the season is over.

According to RSR capologist Brian McFarland, it’s doubtful that Lamar and the team will come to terms this season due to the financial constraints of the cap. Currently the team has roughly $1.8M in available cap space to manage the balance of the season. That’s not enough to absorb the impact of a huge signing bonus even when fully amortized.

It appears that both sides are comfortable with the situation and they’ve probably shared contractual parameters to add to the mutual comfort level in order to prevent any contentious developments. The cap will swell significantly in 2022 to $208.2M, up from this season’s $182.5M.

Brian McFarland and I discuss this in detail along with other front office topics such as potential player personnel moves in our podcast: The Front Office.

Our podcasts are distributed on platforms other than SoundCloud as well including iTunes, Spotify, iHeartRadio, Audacy and Amazon’s Audible. The podcasts include:

• The Front Office with Brian McFarland, Tony Lombardi & Guests
• Battle Plans with James Ogden, Dev Panchwagh & Tony Lombardi
• Word on The Street with Tony Lombardi
• Russell Street Huddle featuring Ravens Talk with fans who happens to be RSR customers
• Russell Street Replay with Nikhil Mehta and another RSR contributor
• Russell Street Recap with Ava Krivosh

Near Disaster

Tavon Young’s personal foul with just 18 seconds remaining in regulation this past Monday Night could have cost the Ravens an opportunity to win. Young was the Ravens best defender throughout the contest but lost his head during a momentary lapse of reasoning. But it’s easy to understand why and clearly he was baited.

Think about the intensity of that moment, competitive juices running through his veins like a freight train. And after an important play, a win for the defense, the opponent pushes your head disrespectfully towards the turf. Young took the bait and retaliated while the antagonist, Colts TE Jack Doyle, responded as if he was on the wrong end of a Mike Tyson uppercut.


Haloti Ngata took his righteous place within the Ravens Ring of Honor during a halftime ceremony on Monday Night. And the way the Ravens defended that evening, one had to wonder if No. 92 might be interested in suiting up again.

Ravens Week 6 Quick Hits & Notes

• The Ravens hold a 7-5 all-time regular season series lead over the Chargers, including a 3-1 mark in Baltimore. These teams last met during the 2018 Wild Card playoffs, when Los Angeles upended the Ravens, 23-17, in Charm City.

• Under head coach John Harbaugh, Baltimore is 4-3 overall against the Chargers. Baltimore owns a 17-4 regular season record at home vs. teams from the West Coast.

• Additionally, the Ravens aim to capture their third win against the AFC West this season, after beating Kansas City in Week 2 and Denver in Week 4.

QB Lamar Jackson has recorded either a rushing or passing TD in 41 straight games, marking the longest-active streak by an NFL QB. (Next best is Patrick Mahomes – 30.) Jackson’s streak also ranks as the fifth longest in NFL history

Guess The Score

Like our Facebook Page, Ravens 247 and make your best guess on the score for Sunday’s game featuring the Ravens and Chargers in the comment section of the post featuring the hoodie below. The person with the score closest to the actual outcome will receive this purple hoodie courtesy of HLK Custom. The hoodie is 100% premium blended cashmere and made by Greyson Clothiers. It retails for $285. The winner must:

  • Predict the score closest to the outcome (if not the exact score)
  • Predict the right winning team
  • Like HLK on Facebook
  • Tiebreaker: Be the first to predict the Ravens rushing yardage total without going over.

Marquise Brown’s mark of 10 receiving TDs of 20+ yards since entering the league in 2019, is tied with Mike Evans for the NFL’s second most (Tyreek Hill – 15). Brown (20) and TE Mark Andrews (19) have combined for 39 scores dating back to 2019. During that time it ranks as the NFL’s second most by a current WR-TE combo, trailing only KC’s Tyreek Hill (26) and Travis Kelce (20) – 46.

Ravens Win

A Chargers Homecoming

• Chargers wide receivers coach Chris Beatty formerly served (2016-18) as wide receivers coach (2016) and co-offensive coordinator/associate head coach/wide receivers at the University of Maryland.

• Los Angeles CB Ryan Smith is an Upper Marlboro, MD, native, while LB Damon Lloyd is from Abingdon, MD, and prepped at The John Carroll School in Bel Air.


Image courtesy of the Baltimore Ravens

This Sunday’s Gameday Features

  • Bill Vinovich leads the officiating crew at The Bank on Sunday.
  • Update (2:32PM): Ravens will be wearing their purple jerseys with white pants
  • Greg Gumbel (play-by-play), Adam Archuleta (analyst) and AJ Ross (sideline) are on the call for CBS
  • The Ravens are currently a 3-point favorite, over/under at 52 points.
  • Weather Forecast: Mostly sunny, breezy and cooler with a high of 66 and average winds of 14 mph with gusts up to 20 mph.
  • The Ravens offense will be introduced before the game.
  • Jimmy’s Seafood tailgate

Betting Lines in the AFC North

Chargers (+3) at Ravens
Bengals (-3.5) at Lions
Cardinals (+3) at Browns
Seahawks (-2.5) at Steelers

Ravens Quote of The Week

”Football is such a momentum-based game, and when you start to believe, you just create that character, and really, it reveals character – just who we are. The front office did a great job bringing in the kind of guys who never quit, who have so much heart and fight in them. The way we prepare, we know what we’re capable of doing. When you create that kind of confidence, that kind of belief, it really builds that character you need to have a chance at the end of the year.” ~ Calais Campbell



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On This Day in History

Before a campaign speech in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, presidential candidate Theodore Roosevelt is shot at close range by saloonkeeper John Schrank while greeting the public in front of the Gilpatrick Hotel. Schrank’s .32-caliber bullet, aimed directly at Roosevelt’s heart, failed to mortally wound the former president because its force was slowed by a glasses case and a bundle of manuscript in the breast pocket of Roosevelt’s heavy coat—a manuscript containing Roosevelt’s evening speech. LINK 

Remembering an Icon

On September 15, 2021 Steve W. Eliades, owner of (Mr.) “Bill’s Terrace Inn”, in Essex, MD passed away. Steve was an amiable guy who always greeted you with a smile and a friendly little dig, his way of saying that he enjoyed your company. I’ll remember Steve for many things but a few that come to mind immediately include his presence at the podium at Bill’s Terrace Inn, always on the intercom, aka “the blower”, to let guests know that their table was ready. He relished the exchanges with his clientele…I’ll remember how customers believed that he was Mr. Bill and he’d just smile. The real Mr. Bill was the Inn’s founder, Steve’s dad.

Steve was one of our sponsors on our radio program GAMETIME, that aired on ESPN 1300 during the 2006-07 timeframe. I’m not sure how I landed on this idea but essentially, the copy for his ad was inspired by dialogue from the movie Scarface starring Al Pacino. It could have been that my friend Tony Guarino, who does a spot-on impersonation of Pacino, inspired the idea.

I recall that I couldn’t align my schedule with Tony’s so I decided to do my best Tony Montana impersonation for the ad. It was awful! There was a line in the copy that I attempted to read with Montana-like Cuban tonal inflections that went, “Mr. Bill’s Terrace Inn is like one big giant crab just waiting to be cracked. TRUST ME, I know these things…”

A week or so after the ad started to air I visited Mr. Bill’s with some friends for crabs. Steve approached me and said, “Hey Lombardi, that accent in my ad is terrible. A new customer was in the other day and said the same thing”.

I replied, “Steve, I agree the accent is terrible but someone remembered it, stopped in and now you have a new customer.”

Steve paused for a moment to let my rebuttal sink in and then said, “Good point”. A few weeks later I asked Steve if he wanted me to change the ad. “I love that ad! Don’t change it!”

Steve will be missed terribly and I have no doubt that his presence and spirit, will linger perpetually within the walls of Bill’s Terrace Inn.


Pictured left to right: John Schultz, Steve Eliades and Tony Lombardi at Bill’s Terrace Inn

Get Back

During the winter of 1969, just a few months after they released the double album, “The Beatles”, more popularly known as “The White Album”, the band reconvened in the studio to start on their next record. The concept for the next addition to the discography was a brilliant one, yet one that wasn’t executed all that well. The idea was to film the band creating and rehearsing new material culminating in a concert on some grand stage where they would play all of the songs for the new album, live. That performance would become the band’s new album.

Time constraints rushed the project along – constraints mostly defined by George Harrison’s impatience and Ringo Starr’s commitment to a Peter Seller’s movie that began filming about a month after the band reconvened. The pressure was intensified by the fact that no one had written any new material. They had to start from scratch. Think about that!

The resulting record, “Let it Be”, despite the time constraints, produced some great music including songs like the album title track, Don’t Let Me Down, The Long and Winding Road, Two of Us, I Dig a Pony, Across The Universe, Get Back and I’ve Got a Feeling.

Yet the focus after the album’s release (which was delayed until 1970) was upon the resulting film, the narrative of which was to see how a band breaks up. And that seemed to be the film director’s objective. Michael Lindsay-Hogg poured through hours a footage to portray a band in decay.

Years later, director Peter Jackson, popularly known for his work on Lord of The Rings, was asked to deep dive into the same footage to provide a fresh look at the unfinished work. What he found was a band not in decay at all but instead, one that still enjoyed each other’s company and could still create great music despite the daunting parameters placed upon them. The re-visited film project is aptly named “Get Back”.

The son of The Beatles producer George Martin, was called upon to remaster the audio files. Giles Martin wasn’t sure what he’d find but he expected the same darkness in the musical development that characterized Lindsay-Hogg’s film. Fortunately he discovered something different:

“I was surprised by the camaraderie, especially between John and Paul. We sort of see this as The Beatles’ ‘break-up album’, and of course it wasn’t because they were back in the studio doing ‘I Want You (She’s So Heavy)’ [on ‘Abbey Road’] pretty soon afterwards… It was quite a collaborative process. The strain of ‘Let It Be’ was actually the strain that [John and Paul] put on George and Ringo by trying to force themselves together, and the strain of doing a live show with no songs in two-and-a-half weeks’ time.”

You can read more from the interview with Giles Martin HERE.

Producer Giles Martin on remixing The Beatles’ ‘Let It Be’: “I was surprised by the camaraderie”

Photo of The Week

Kevin Moore is a local photographer who has a terrific eye for capturing the vibe of Maryland. I plan on featuring his work here in the Tavern regularly. This one is from the sunflower fields of Jarrettsville, Maryland.


Photo Credit: Kevin Moore Photography


Bobby Martinez, a buddy of mine, is a big TikTok fan and because of him, I really don’t have to explore the social media platform on my own. Bobby is like my own search engine. He just forwards me videos that he thinks I’ll find to be entertaining. One such video was that from GillyAndTheGirl. This couple is not only funny, they’re very talented.

Take a look at this Dave Matthews medley – quite the parody. And those facial expressions…

@gillyandthegirl Reply to @tiffanyclayton31 Sorry, Mr. Matthews. #davematthewsband #treadingtroddingtrails #fyp #genx #millennial ♬ original sound – Charity & Mike

Music Fanimal

Staying with the music theme, a couple of years ago I sought to feature local musicians for our Music Fanimal channel on YouTube. I’ve always felt compassion for these artists who work so hard to entertain us yet never really get their proper due. I hoped to do my part to change that.

This week’s Music Fanimal featured performer is Tony Scuito. Tony is a former CBS Recording artist. He’s appeared on Full House as a member of Jesse and The Rippers. He’s toured with the Little River Band and his locally based band was called The Pedestrians. Here, Tony shares the story of his career and plays three great original tunes.

My Single Friend

My Single Friend was laughing rather uncontrollably at the bar and it caught the attention of a girl beside him.

Girl: You seem to be entertaining yourself. What’s so funny?

MSF: My girlfriend just left me for another guy.

Girl: Why is that so funny?

MSF: I sent him a thank you card…

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Quote of The Week

I almost had a psychic girlfriend but she left me before we met. ~ Steven Wright

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