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Kyle Hamilton

Kyle Hamilton Notre Dame
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Kyle Hamilton

S Notre Dame 6-4 220 JR #14


ARM LENGTH: 33″ // HAND SIZE: 9 1/8″
40YD: 4.59 (56%) // 10YD: ( %) // VJ: 38 (87%) // BJ: 10’11” (97%)
BP: ( %) // SS: 4.32 (41%)// 3C: 6.90 (79%)

Projection: To get the best out of him, need to use him creatively and in several different spots, will use least of his powers sitting him back as single-high Safety

Ravens Fit: There is so much to like about Hamilton if you are the Ravens. He’s an explosive athlete, he has outstanding length that he deploys well, and he’s tough. But best of all, for a Safety in the Ravens scheme, he’s a do-it-all guy and a playmaker. He’s one of those position-less marvels that the Ravens love at DB, a guy who can move around the formation and do anything you ask of him – the TE man coverage chops will be especially attractive. The thing that leaves him short of the 5* fit, is his long speed, but he ticks every other box and would be part of the DB rotation immediately and a future full-time starter quickly.

Overall Fit 4/5


Plays all over the formation, in the slot in man coverage, as the Free Safety in the middle-of-the-field, and as the box Safety in run support.


Prototypical size. Hamilton has good range, he can get to the ball in deep zones without laboring and will make it to most intermediate sideline routes on balls thrown with touch from a single-high position. Hamilton can make plays both inside and outside the numbers but the further he has to go backwards – the more uncertain the outcome is. He has excellent processing and will get off his spot quickly, reading both the Quarterback and route progressions at a high level. He’s also an explosive athlete with good technique in his drive mechanics that allow him to get a head-start on getting to the football. This means any short and intermediate routes are well within his range when they involve sideways or forward movement. If he has to turn more than 90 degrees and engage his long speed, he will only be able to make it to players with more modest athletic ability. He has a good pedal.

He does have good man coverage skills, when he can keep everything in front of him. He most often engages receivers from a squat technique, he shows good patience when doing this, he has great length, physicality and competitiveness to engage the receiver at the point where they mesh and re-route him. He will be most effective on all routes against Tight Ends and bigger slot receivers. Against smaller, quicker receivers he can use his processing and vertical explosion on routes that break underneath him but on deeper routes he can be run by in the initial portion of the route and his hip mobility on turns of 180 degrees or more can leave him wanting. He does however always know where his help is and is a playmaker within the structure of the defense. This shows up most in his ball skills as he can find ways to play the ball, either as the single-high Safety or when locked up in man coverage from the slot. His tracking and timing are excellent and he deploys his length effectively.

Run Support and Tackling

He has played a significant amount of run support while at Notre Dame. When moving forward, he again uses his vertical explosion and his trigger to get after ball carriers from any pre-snap position on the field. He beats blocks with quickness, smarts or physicality and it often looks like an inevitability that he will make a play in the run game. He does take questionable angles when running backwards to make a stop, often pursuing too eagerly and not judging the angle to make the play well. He is a very good tackler, can come from high to low with ease and makes hard, form tackles. He shows outstanding physical toughness and play strength and will get all types of ball carrier to the ground. 

Attacking, versatile, explosive, high-processing defensive weapon. Tackles with desire and competence, some question marks on angles when going backwards

JR: 1 QB Hit, 29 Total Tackles, 3 INTs, 3 PBUs
SO: 3 QB Hits, 64 Total Tackles, 1 INT, 6 PBUs
INJURY: Missed 6 games (JR) Knee injury

Athleticism 3
Intelligence 5
Versatility 4
Grit 5
Scheme 5

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