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Derek Stingley Jr.

Derek Stingley Jr. RDC
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Derek Stingley Jr.

CB LSU 6-0 190 JR #24


ARM LENGTH: 30 5/8″ // HAND SIZE: 9 5/8″
40YD: ( %) // 10YD: ( %) // VJ: ( %) // BJ: ( %)
BP: ( %) // SS: ( %)// 3C: ( %)

Projection: Scheme diverse immediate starting CB – will be most effective if able to deploy his Man coverage skills, as well as his instincts as a Zone defender.

Ravens Fit: Stingley is an easy fit for any scheme in the league and his processing and athleticism would fit nicely with the Ravens. He’s a technician at the line of scrimmage and will challenge even the NFL’s best WRs. He would be a difficult out, for even his former LSU teammate Ja’Marr Chase at the line when in press. He is probably best in a scheme where he can more frequently use his instincts and sit back in Zone. He won’t get those opportunities often with the Ravens but that shouldn’t stop them from selecting him. If you make peace with the injury concerns, you pair him with Humphrey to get 2 shutdown, long-term starting CBs.

Overall Fit 4/5


Outstanding Freshman year but injuries slowed him in SO/JR years. Starting CB playing both man and zone coverage.


Good size and very good athleticism for the position both in terms of speed, hip fluidity, lateral and vertical explosion. In Press Man without a jam, he is patient with his feet and can match angles with great foot speed. He flips his hips with extreme ease to mirror in short spaces close to the line of scrimmage. With a jam, he can get his hands on with good timing and placement and has a variety of tools to work when jamming. He plays a chess game with the WR and will challenge even the very best receivers off the line. He plays with physical toughness and competes hard at the line of scrimmage.

He mirrors smoothly in tight areas. His drive mechanics are outstanding, there is no wasted movement when he breaks forward on the football from backwards movement. He works in general with a real economy of movement and works as a technician with great athletic ability and good size. He has great speed to combine with his processing ability to give him great play speed. He can recover when in trouble because of his measurable speed. He will read the receiver’s hips but will also read route progressions, and when in Zone, he will read the Quarterback’s eyes effectively. He is better in Press Man, or straight Zone – when he plays in Off-Man and faces a WR who can match his athleticism running a deeper, shallow-angle route he can be a little flat-footed at the break-point/slow to transition but against most competition he will recover from this slight deficiency with his speed.

His play speed, particularly his processing play up most effectively in his ball skills, which are outstanding. In his only full season, he got his hands on over 20 balls, picking 6 off. He is so efficient at staying in phase that he finds it easier to snap his head round and find the football. His ball tracking is excellent, his timing and placement of his hands for the break-up are very good, aided greatly by his closing speed. He will intercept even the most cerebral college QBs.

Run Support and Tackling

He will read run/pass quickly and constrict the running lane as a force player. He will not shed blocks with play strength but usually beats blockers with quick processing and footwork. He will insert himself in the run game but this isn’t consistent. A solid tackler, he displays good technique to get all types of runner to the ground. He can, on occasion, go low and be hurdled by more athletic runners.

Immediate starting CB, great speed, processing and outstanding ball skills. Technician with athleticism, good in run support. Injuries de-railed his LSU career

FR: 34 Total Tackles, 6 INT, 15 PBUs
INJURY: Missed 10 games – left foot (JR)
Missed 2 games – ankle (SO)

Athleticism 5
Intelligence 5
Versatility 4
Grit 3
Scheme 4

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