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Chris Olave

Chris Olave Ohio State RDC
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Chris Olave

WR Ohio State 6-0 187 SR #2


ARM LENGTH: 31 1/8″ // HAND SIZE: 9 1/2″
40YD: 4.39 (95%) // 10YD:  ( %) // VJ: 32″ (26%) // BJ: 10’4″ (80%) // BP:  ( %) // SS:  ( %)// 3C: ( %)

Projection: Starting Z in the league, scheme diverse but likely a better fit in a vertical passing offense. Draft projection: Mid-first round ~ Mel Kiper, ESPN

Ravens Fit: I’m a big Olave fan and given that the Ravens appear to be prioritising different things in their WRs from the selections of Wallace/Bateman at the last draft, he would be squarely in their wheelhouse. But he doesn’t move the needle enough on what the Ravens should be looking for to diversify their WR corps. He doesn’t have excessive speed to be an upgrade on Brown, nor the size to be a contested catch freak. If the Ravens hadn’t taken Bateman, I’d be banging the table for Olave, as it stands, he doesn’t add enough to be considered where the Ravens will have to take him to get him.

Overall Fit 3/5


Has played most consistently split out wide at Ohio State and mostly at the Z position but has also played X and some in the slot.

Before the Catch

He has a varied release package and is an expert in the release portion of the route. Remarkably developed for a college player in the plan he can execute at the line of scrimmage, he also shows patience and physicality to win early. He has a nice speed release to attack upfield, particularly when attacking squat or off coverage. He stems straight at the defender and attacks leverage before coming under control to be balanced at the release point. His single move is very good and can put a defender on his heels and he’s proficient at releasing through the DB, replacing his near hip and foot with his own. His double move can be sat on by more patient Defensive Backs but he doesn’t need to use it often, such is the proficiency of his other releases. When needing to space release he uses a nice variety of hesi moves to close the space and convert to a press release. He is excellent against a jam, using his hands effectively to swipe, rip or swim, and clear. He varies his moves and is difficult for even the most accomplished to DBs to mirror early in the route.

His stem is consistent and he manipulates Defensive Backs at the break point on more hard-angle routes like comebacks and curls because of his technique. He also has little rise on speed cuts and makes the transition to 90 degrees on out routes in two steps easily without losing speed. On less hard angle routes like slants, or on vertical cuts when facing man coverage, more savvy and athletic DBs can keep him in tight coverage. He uses pressure steps to good effect on these routes to get less shrewd DBs to bite and has the long speed to get consistently open on deeper routes, as well as relying on technique/football intelligence to get open.

The Catch and after the Catch He has outstanding, pluck-y hands and catches everything. He’s spring-y at the catch-point and can go up and get balls that he shouldn’t be able to. He will catch around his body, adjusting well to under-thrown or slightly over-thrown balls. He can catch on the move or stationary, down low or up high, and over the shoulder deep where his ball tracking his excellent. He can adjust his body well to be in position to make the catch.

His YAC is an area of his game that he has lacked at Ohio State, I don’t believe he can’t provide YAC he has enough speed and processing ability to be able to make defenders miss in open space and he certainly has done it at Ohio State, using both speed and elusiveness to win but he wasn’t put in as many opportunities as you would like to do it consistently.

Outstanding release portion of the route, lacks separation at the top of certain routes but savvy route-runner that uses technique and superior processing to beat DBs. Outstanding hands

SR: 101 Tgts, 65 Recs, 936 Rec Yards (14.4 Ave), 13 Rec TDs

JR: 59 Tgts, 50 Recs, 727 Rec Yards (14.5 Ave), 7 Rec TDs

INJURY: Undisclosed inj (JR)

Athleticism 4
Intelligence 5
Versatility 3
Grit 4
Scheme 3

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