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Dylan Parham

Dylan Parham Ravens Draft Central
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Dylan Parham

IOL Memphis 6-3 311 RS SO #56


ARM LENGTH: 33 ½”//HAND SIZE: 10 ¼”//40YD: 4.93 (99%)//10YD: 1.66 (100%)
VJ: 27” (55%)//BJ: 9’00” (88%)//BP: 25 (61%)//SS: 4.70 (73%)//3C: 7.78 (71%)

Projection: Starting G/C and is scheme diverse – there are deficiencies in both Gap and Zone to fix, needing equal development. Very good pass protection. Draft Projection: Late Day 2 ~

Ravens Fit: The Ravens are still in need of a Center and while Parham hasn’t played there in college, he has played 3 different positions and is versatile, just like the Ravens like in their OL. His extra weight put on this year and play strength as a Gap blocker puts him in the conversation. He still has a technical positioning deficiency that may hold him back in a Gap scheme. Zone teams will likely feel more comfortable about taking him to develop him in this regard due to his obvious athleticism but I think he could develop as a Gap blocker too. Will undoubtedly keep Lamar upright as he is a very good pass protector.

Overall Fit 4/5

Pass Protection

Explosive, former Tight End in High School who is quick out the blocks and excels with his footwork in vertical, 45 and jump sets as a pass protector. There is no panic in his feet, they are efficient and he maintains the half-man relationship at all the different positions he has played at Memphis over his career. He put on weight this year and is now heavy set in his lower half, he bends very well, giving him leverage, which he maintains through his kick-slide, allowing him to play with excellent play strength. He has good hand timing, on his jump sets in particular, and excellent hand placement. His outside hand is consistently well placed, whether on a two handed strike or outside strike, and he has good latch strength with this hand. His inside hand can be more inconsistent, especially against Defensive Linemen with better hand timing and placement themselves. He can slip his inside hand too high and it can be disengaged.

He has good processing to recognize pressure packages but he doesn’t see stunts coming as far off and he doesn’t work well in tandem with his fellow OL to deal with them, passing off too late and consequently coming back to deal with stunting DL too late. He has fluid hips to open up to redirect to inside moves and counters, before bringing his excellent hand strength into play. He has a good anchor, he will sit low, with a wide base and stalemate when challenged with speed to power or straight power to the chest. If another DL plays with very good play strength and brings a good straight power move then he can be challenged but he will compete and reset his feet and re-anchor. His best traits are the explosive power in his hands and his excellent footwork in pass protection.

Run Blocking

As a Gap blocker he is good. He has excellent fit and finish on Drive blocks and Down blocks. He has good strike zone recognition, get his hands inside the frame of the defender, maintains a low pad level – he has natural leverage but bends well too, strikes a fierce blow and keeps his legs moving on contact. His positioning against 2 or 3 techniques from Guard when Drive blocking is good, he has a technically proficient attack and drive step that enable his fit and finish. His positioning is less good when Drive blocking a DL inside of him. As a Reach blocker on the front-side of running plays, he struggles to position to get the outside shoulder and doesn’t consistently make the block functional to allow his RB to make him right.

As a backside cut-off guy he also struggles to position and his man can make the tackle on the cut-back from the RB. This positioning deficiency appears to be technical rather than being limited by athletic ability. As the drive man on DBLs, he has good release timing and climbs to the LB with quickness to fit and finish at the second level. In space, his athleticism helps him to stick blocks.

Very good pass protector, great feet, hand placement, leverage and anchor. Good fit and finish on most run blocks but does have some technical things to work on when positioning.

4 Year Starter – 2 at LG, 1 at RT, 1 at RG

Toughness 4
Intelligence 3
Versatility 5
Grit 4
Scheme 4

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