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Isaiah Spiller

Isaiah Spiller Ravens Draft Central
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Isaiah Spiller

RB Texas A&M 6-0 217 JR #28


ARM LENGTH: 31 ¾”//HAND SIZE: 8 5/8”//40YD: 4.64 (41%)//10YD: 1.59 (67%)
VJ: 30” (15%)//BJ: 9’06” (34%)//BP:  ( %)//SS: 4.27 (63%)//3C:  ( %)

Projection: Immediate starter who you can win with. With more development, could become scheme-diverse impact starter that you win because of. Draft Projection: Round 3 ~

Ravens Fit: As a more gap heavy run team, the Ravens will always be on the lookout for backs like Spiller who have his kind of cutting ability and the patience, processing and vision he possesses. He fits their scheme well, though the development I’ve outlined that he needs could make him ultra-dangerous for the Ravens. He has grit and athleticism and while the Ravens are unlikely to spend a high pick on a Running Back, they will have a point where Spiller is too good to pass up as they did with Dobbins two years ago. With the Ravens approach, you can never have too many good backs.

Overall Fit 4/5

Running the Ball

Good initial burst and he uses body lean, hips and toes to press the line of scrimmage. Very deliberate with his footwork and is able to stay tight to blockers and work off of them on Gap blocks. Excellent with loss mitigation, can always make a free defender miss in the backfield with his lateral agility, but will always get back to his track once he has made the defender miss to get close enough to a hat-on-a-hat. He problem solves well. He has patience and knows his limitations but he is susceptible to cutting too many times and could be more decisive and use his burst to get north and south at more advantageous times. His head and shoulders can at times subtly betray his real intentions and limit his ability to press the line of scrimmage with his footwork. When there is a clear unblocked defender at the second level he doesn’t always periph that defender but looks straight at him or close to him. While this is a subtle problem it can be exaggerated when he faces unblocked defenders coming at him in the backfield consistently throughout a game. He is excellent at manipulating defenders and his multi-cut style can really work when there are two blockers going in opposite directions that he wants to go through the middle of.

He can press the defender and stay patient to wait for the gate to open up before bursting through it. He varies his speeds well and can slow play behind the LOS. When big gaps open he can be impatient and head straight to the hole but his decision-making is on the whole, good – he knows who he is facing, measures angles well, understands how he can best win. He’s very good at forcing missed tackles, he runs with a low center of gravity and has great body control. His lateral agility and change of direction is special. He is able to keep a wide base, sink his hips and stop on a dime with remarkable bend and ankle flexion. He can cut multiple times in different directions in quick succession, slaloming through the second level leaving defenders in his wake. His body control and balance also help with his contact balance where he can dip his shoulder to force arm tackles and his low center of gravity allows him to stay upright in difficult situations. He compacts himself to absorb contact, fights for extra yards by moving his feet. He isn’t a bruiser/will win with elusiveness but does fight through contact.

Passing Down Skills

Has explosive cuts to gain separation on hard angle breaks, good routes run on swing and wheel routes up the sideline. Has good ball tracking, adjusts well to all types of ball thrown and can catch outside of his frame with soft hands on even high degree of difficulty catches. On swing routes when he has a defender in his face, he can take his eyes off the ball and allow it into his body. Good processing, competitiveness and aggression in pass pro, stays low and stops fast and powerful blitzing LBs in the hole.

Multi-cut runner, low center of gravity, excellent change of direction skills. Will press LOS, good problem-solver, needs to get north and south more stay completely square and periph 2nd level

PRODUCTION JR: 178 Att, 1016 rush yards (5.7 avg), 6 TD, 1 Fumble, 33 tgts, 25 Rec, 189 rec yards (7.6 avg), 1 Rec TD INJURY: None

Toughness 4
Intelligence 4
Versatility 4
Grit 4
Scheme 5

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