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Cameron Thomas

Cameron Thomas Ravens Draft Central
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Cameron Thomas

EDGE San Diego State 6-4 267 JR #99


ARM LENGTH: 32 ½”//HAND SIZE: 10 ¼”//40YD:   ( %)//10YD:  ( %)
VJ: 33 ½” (71%)//BJ:  ( %)//BP: 24 (72%)//SS:  ( %)//3C: 6.87 (99%)

Projection: Versatile DL in a multiple 1-gap front, can contribute as a situational pass-rusher first as he develops his ability to read blocks in the run game. Draft Projection: Round 3 ~

Ravens Fit: Great potential as a pass-rusher and seemingly the exact type that the Ravens seem to be looking for this off-season. He can rush inside and outside. Versatile and productive pass-rushers after day one of the Draft have been the Ravens’ thing, and Thomas certainly fits that bill. But his run defense does not look like that of a Raven. If he wins as a run defender currently it’s because he’s had longer to diagnose a block before he’s had to engage or it’s because he’s getting upfield penetrating into the backfield. He does not look like a 2-gap DL right now and would need a lot of development to be one.

Overall Fit 3/5


Plays mostly as a 5 technique in a multiple one-gap front, rushers further inside on passing downs and also plays outside Tackle at times

Pass Rush

Wins with lateral quickness, explosion, active/fast hands and motor. He’s unpolished but has the raw tools to be an intriguing inside out pass rusher at the next level. Has good upfield burst and gets off the ball quickly in both neutral downs and passing downs. He does counter and fight with his hands with a high degree of effort but his moves aren’t put together well in a rush plan currently. When rushing outside against the Offensive Tackle he has good stab-club-rip move that can win the edge against most competition he faced, as well as a cross-chop that can be effective. He uses his feet particularly well as a pass-rusher utilizing euro steps to keep the blocker off balance and out of the half-man. His foot speed and lateral quickness allow him to be good on stunts and games, he’s a handful when he gets on the move as a pass rusher but he’s also an unselfish rusher – setting up others to win well on stunts. When slanting inside or playing from the 3 technique and working on interior linemen he works an excellent club swim that quickly gets him to the back shoulder of the lineman. His hands are tough for interior linemen to deal with.

He can also deploy a forceful long-arm move but he can’t sustain it because his body isn’t angular all the way through the move due to his lack of bend. When he gets to the edge, he doesn’t corner effectively, he has little ankle flexion which limits his bend as he turns the corner too. He has good speed, physical toughness, competitiveness and effort so he can finish on the QB but it takes him too long to get there because he has to go so far around his blocker due to that lack of bend. This means he affects the Quarterback with hits immediately after the ball is thrown, but most of his sacks are reliant on good coverage or the QB making it easier for him by moving in the pocket into his path

Vs Run

Against the run he gets off the ball quickly but his diagnosis of blocks is inconsistent. On Zone blocks like Reach blocks when the OL has to go further to engage him, he can get his hands out and play with solid use of hands. On Gap blocks when the OL is immediately in his face on Drive blocks he can’t get his hands deployed quickly enough. His hand placement and timing are adequate but he does have good power in his hands and good core strength.

This isn’t converted to good play strength as he doesn’t play with a consistently low pad level. This means, even if he does land his hands, he can’t leverage his gap and tackle the runner consistently. He can fight with his hands to disengage and use his explosion to penetrate and make plays on the run but it’s highly inconsistent.

Good explosion and foot speed as a pass-rusher with good core strength and active hands. High pad level causes play strength deficiency. Limited bend to corner effectively.

JR: 12 Sacks, 21 QB Hits, 59 Total Tackles, 1 FF
SO: 5 Sacks, 8 QB Hits, 31 Total Tackles

Athleticism 4
Intelligence 3
Versatility 4
Grit 4
Scheme 2

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