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Martin Emerson

Martin Emerson Ravens Draft Central
Mississippi State Athletics
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Martin Emerson

CB Mississippi State 6-1 201 JR #1


ARM LENGTH: 33 1/2″ // HAND SIZE: 10 1/8″
40YD: 4.53 (57%) // 10YD: 1.57 (69%) // VJ: 32″ (18%) // BJ: 10’04” (76%)
BP: 17 (84%) // SS: 4.14 (76%)// 3C: 6.90 (73%)

Projection: High-ceiling, could be a starting outside CB that you win with but won’t realise that potential for 2-3 years given processing deficiency. Draft Projection: Round 3 ~

Ravens Fit: The rare case where a good scheme fit for the Ravens just doesn’t feel like he plays like a Raven. Granted, he played a lot of off-man and Zone at Mississippi State but he has the tools to play in a Press-heavy scheme and is better in Man Coverage than Zone, once he gets his hands on you, it can be difficult to get separation given his play strength. But, he dives at the feet of runners as a tackler, throttles down effort significantly in blowout losses and, while he has the physicality to play like a Raven, doesn’t do it at nearly a regular enough clip to actually be a Raven come April.
Overall Fit 2/5


Left CB – plays in mostly off-man or Zone


He is mostly off the ball but you can watch enough to get an idea of how he might fare playing in press more consistently. He has good play strength and length and so he’s able to re-direct at the line of scrimmage. He’ll be able to win with physicality but he needs to add a plan and more ways to disrupt closer to the line of scrimmage. He has good speed and fluidity for his size, you would expect to see more stiffness in his hips but he has good mobility in his hips. He also has some explosion to him that allows his drive mechanics to be good – he can plant and drive on the football with little wasted movement. Through the route he can also win with his play strength, he lives on the edge of holding calls but does a good job being savvy and making it difficult for Wide Receivers who he can stay close to, to get away from him at more hard angle breaks. When he can get his hands on you, it’s hard to get free.

When he’s playing in off and gives up a cushion in deeper areas of the field and when he’s in shorter spaces, against Wide Receivers with good processing and salesmanship to their routes he can give up a lot of separation at the top of routes. He’s unable to read WR hips and posture and reacts late to the break and the ball. When in Zone he can carry the Wide Receiver for too long and give up too much separation elsewhere in his Zone. Teams didn’t flood him as much as they could but NFL OCs will certainly find a way to do this. His only adequate play speed does hurt him in man coverage. He can track the ball both short and deep and possesses good ball skills. His length provides him a margin for error here too but he has good timing and placement to get hands on the ball.

Run Support and Tackling

He doesn’t diagnose run/pass particularly fast but he does play disciplined as a force player and constricts running lanes when taking on Wide Receiver blocks. He can use his length and physicality to get off blocks and has good play strength. But his physicality is inconsistent and there are times he leaves effort on the field. When taking on bigger blockers he doesn’t get off blocks as much as you think he could given how dominant he is over WRs. When tackling WRs he will be physical and get most guys to the ground, even in large open spaces, but when facing bigger runners, he dives at their feet with only a cursory attempt to make contact.

Long corner with bags of potential. Hasn’t played much Press but will surely do at the next level. Processing deficiency hurts play speed, inconsistent physical toughness

JR: 49 Total Tackles, 2 PBUs
SO: 66 Total Tackles, 12 PBUs

Athleticism 4
Intelligence 2
Versatility 2
Grit 2
Scheme 4

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