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Greg Dulcich

Greg Dulcich Ravens Draft Central
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Greg Dulcich

TE UCLA 6-4 243 JR #85


ARM LENGTH: 33 7/8”//HAND SIZE: 9 7/8”//40YD: 4.69 (82%)//10YD: 1.62 (87%)
VJ: 34” (75%)//BJ: 10’02” (92%)//BP: 16 (30%)//SS: 4.37 (65%)//3C: 7.05 (81%)

Projection: Could develop into Move TE contributor. Will always play as part of a rotation. Would best fit in a multiple TE offense where his blocking can be used as part of a team of TEs that gets him angles to eliminate positioning deficiency. Draft Projection: Early Day 3 ~

Ravens Fit: While the Ravens certainly aren’t averse to taking a TE with a lot to work on as a blocker, they usually need to see something from them and Dulcich provides very little on that front. He is plenty athletic enough for the Ravens who do prioritize that at the position, as well as having good processing as a receiver. But he will likely never be a traditional Y TE who can do everything;, the blocking deficiency is such that he will rarely be able to work at the LOS in the way the Ravens need.

Overall Fit 2/5


Wins with play strength at the line of scrimmage off press or when bumped coming from an in-line position. He is particularly good beating squat coverage using his size, length and strength advantage to get out into the route. He has quick and violent hands when challenged with a jam and can rip or swim through effectively to clear his hands. He attacks leverage well when facing off coverage, stemming directly at the Defensive Back and comes under control well. He has good speed for position so he can close cushion quickly and while he isn’t he biggest Tight End, his strength and size does play up in his release. He is also able to use his footwork with an effective single and double move to get the defender’s hips turned. When he does try a speed release he can be liable to release around the defender and doesn’t deploy his strength to release through the defender, he struggles to get back on the red-line to continue his route. When he does put the defender in trail he uses play strength to separate at the top of his routes.

He is able to disengage his hands at the break point and use subtle physicality to create just enough space to uncover and gain a target. He is particularly good on Bam steps – he is able to attack vertically with lean and use his body posture or a pressure step to add some salesmanship to his route. His two step is solid and he can come open on quick hitches but this is mainly against zone coverage when he can use his processing to identify the coverage and make small adjustments to get open in tight spaces. His square cut though, on deep curls and comebacks can take too long – his brake step is too long and pronounced and allows better processors to break on the football effectively. He is a good and natural hands catcher.

Will catch outside of his frame and with good manual dexterity. He catches everything when stationary and he has soft hands on the run and a pretty impressive catch radius. The only area of inconsistency is when he has to locate the football quickly having only been able to track it on the last seconds before the catch, for instance on back shoulder throws. He has good adjust to the ball and body control, and knows how to use his body to protect the ball at the catch-point.


As a Gap blocker he has a positioning deficiency in that his drive step leaves too much for him to do in terms of distance traveled with his attack step, he leaves him over-balanced. He also isn’t able to recognize the strike zone and land his hands in the optimum position to bring his strength into play. As a Zone blocker when on the move, the fitting problems remain but he also stops his feet as he approaches contact severely reducing his play strength. Not yet able to block effectively as a max protector. Can block DB when angles are in his favor.

Move TE who has significant blocking deficiencies, wins with play strength and processing in both his routes, at the line of scrimmage. Could develop into receiving TE option.

JR: 65 Tgts, 42 Recs, 725 Rec Yards (17.3 Ave), 5 Rec TD
SO: 41 Tgts, 26 Recs, 517 Rec Yards (19.9 Ave), 5 Rec TD

Athleticism 4
Intelligence 4
Versatility 3
Grit 3
Scheme 2

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