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Sam Williams

Sam Williams Ravens Draft Central
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Sam Williams

EDGE Ole Miss 6-3 261 SR #7


ARM LENGTH: 33 1/8”//HAND SIZE: 9 7/8”//40YD: 4.46 (100%)//10YD: 1.55 (99%)
VJ: 32 ½” (61%)//BJ: 10’03” (93%)//BP: 25 (78%)//SS: 4.34 (80%)//3C: 7.03 (89%)

Projection: Situational pass-rusher role player who could develop into a starter in time with raw tools at his disposal and development in his pad level. Draft Projection: Round 3~

Ravens Fit: A potentially versatile piece for a defensive line that can use him as a pass-rusher inside and outside. He can only contribute on passing downs to begin his NFL career as he has a lot of work to do as a run defender. He certainly doesn’t look like a Raven in this regard yet but he has some physical tools to get better at that. The power in his hands and his potential upfield burst are significant tools to work with and he’s exactly the kind of DL the Ravens have been looking to add this offseason. The key will be whether his lack of bend will always limit him. Definitely a consideration for the Ravens DL rotation.

Overall Fit 4/5


Plays mostly 5 technique with his hand/s in the dirt but also lined up at 4i regularly as well at 7. He occasionally rushes from a wide 9 or further inside.

Pass Rush

He has great explosion and acceleration in the first few steps of his rush, he has very good upfield burst in obvious passing situations, more solid on neutral downs. He has a good pass rush plan and knows how he wins. He has a devastating inside move that works because of his explosion and lateral quickness. He can win consistently against worse OL with footwork alone but can also win with his hands on this when necessary against better OL. He has remarkable explosive power in his hands and can throw Offensive Linemen around. His inside move is always used coming off a devastating upfield pressure step. He is always working to get to this inside move or to keep OL honest and prevent them setting up to neutralize it. He will use his explosion to work outside moves, he has tight and accurate club/swims and club/rips that effectively control the outside arm of the OL, as well as the beginnings of an effective cross-chop. And, he is able to convert speed to power and challenge most OL with the initial shock and power in his hands.

But when he tries to work the outside move he has limited bend to corner and get to the QB, while his bull-rush and speed to power can be countered by OL with a solid anchor and they can win a stalemate in the rep, though he can counter off his long arm and work to the edge. This means his finish on the QB on those moves other than his inside move, is limited. That means the savviest OL with good power steps are able to break down his rush plan and shut the door to the QB regularly. His inside move is more effective in allowing him to finish because it doesn’t require as significant bend to finish. He also saw a lot of attention at Ole Miss and regularly faced chips and double teams along with other OL always looking for work on his side. This is where he showed his remarkable mental toughness and competitiveness with one of the most active motors in the class, and relentless effort to get off the block. Not sophisticated in terms of counters but consistently trying to apply them and to run down plays from behind.

Vs Run

He has the makings of a good run defender in the way he diagnoses Zone running plays as well as his explosive hands but this potential is currently limited by the pad level he plays with. He compromises all his play strength by playing far too high and inconsistent technique with his hand usage in terms of placement and timing.

When he gets it right he can snap the OL backwards with his hand power but this is not often enough. He also struggles to diagnose Gap runs and can be out of position and on skates against Down and Drive blocks.

Lots of potential as a pass-rusher given upfield burst and explosion in his hands. Does have a rush plan but lack of bend to corner can harm him. Not a good run defender yet.

JR: 13 Sacks, 8 QB Hits, 47 Total Tackles, 4 FF
SO: 3 Sacks, 7 QB Hits, 34 Total Tackles, 1 FF

Athleticism 5
Intelligence 3
Versatility 4
Grit 5
Scheme 4

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