Treating Your Football Addiction

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Here at RSR, we are diehard Ravens fans – which means we’re diehard football fans. We have a football addiction. That can raise problems this time of year when there’s not much to talk about. We find ourselves obsessing over organized team activities. Some outlets even obsess over a certain quarterback and how he didn’t go out to throw a football around with his new receivers.

We’re not quite on that level, but we’re pretty bad. I’m sure many of you are like us, and it leaks out into your everyday conversation. You find yourself talking to people who don’t care about Kamalei Correa moving to inside linebacker to people who don’t care even a little.

Luckily, (fake) Dr. Katie Nolan has a solution…

It’s called watching other sports.

You might be wondering, What other sports?

Dr. Katie gives you a few choices.

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