Ravens Reminiscing

Ravens Reminiscing

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Lately, it’s been said of us here at Russell Street Report, particularly of me, that our new articles and posts are negative. Admittedly, the accusations are accurate to some degree. But most of us are from the school of hard knocks and the consensus opinion here at RSR seems to be that in order to improve, you have to first admit your weaknesses.

The Ravens have many.

Some of you would prefer to ignore the flaws and blemishes, opting instead to find comfort in the Ravens near upset of the Steelers on Christmas Day and almost making it to the playoffs, where we’ve seen before, anything can happen.

But to really improve, you can’t operate that way. Even the best players don’t bask in the glow of their accomplishments. Instead, they focus on the plays they left on the field and try to fix those mistakes.

We do realize it’s been a frustrating four seasons since Super Bowl 47. During three of those campaigns the Ravens came up short of the postseason. In 2014 they blew two 14-point leads in the Divisional Round against the Patriots.

Maybe, it’s time to take a little detour from the introspective self-scouting and reminisce about happier days, that on one hand, seem like yesterday. On the other, like many, many years ago.

I hope you enjoy the next 8+ minutes. I know that I did and by the end, it made me even more determined to focus in on ways for the Ravens to improve. Hopefully they concur and return to these glory days.

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