MR. MOJO RIZON: McNabb owes the Ravens

Street Talk MR. MOJO RIZON: McNabb owes the Ravens

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Remember Mike Croel, former NFL linebacker. The name certainly rang a bell when it hit the Mojo radar screen recently and then after some pondering, the Denver Broncos came to mind.

Croel was Denver’s first round pick in 1991 (4th overall and 29 picks prior to the Falcons’ selection of Brett Favre) and was named the NFL Defensive Rookie of the Year under the tutelage of former Ravens defensive coordinator Mike Nolan.  Croel played for the Ravens during their inaugural season in 1996 registering 3 sacks and an interception in 16 games.

Croel now 40 recently sold his four bedroom, 5 1/2 bath, 5,380 square feet Sunset Strip-area home for $1,912,000. Apparently the former backer is doing just fine and is now designing movie posters and websites in the So Cal area.

Back to Favre for a moment…JUST GO AWAY! If the Vikings hire Favre, count me among those who think it won’t help Minnesota’s post season ambitions one iota. Signing Favre will “accomplish” two things for the Vikings, one is not good and the other, well I guess it depends on who you ask. Favre in Minnesota purple will: 1) Delay the development of the next quarterback (Sage Rosenfels?) by one more season; and 2) Usher in the post Brad Childress era.

Speaking of drama queen quarterbacks, Mr. Mojo thinks that Donovan McNabb should feel indebted to the Ravens. Remember when McNabb was benched in the second half against the Ravens in Baltimore after going 8 of 18 effort for 59 yards and 2 interceptions before the break in Week 12? After that game McNabb was reinstated as the starter and he helped lead his team to the NFC Conference Championship Game.

However some think that McNabb’s feathers remain a bit ruffled over the incident and the suspicious types (like yours truly) think that the recent contract extension given to McNabb (adding a potential $6.3 million) was done in part to appease the broody Chunky Soup spokesperson.

Bad move Andy Reid!

Seems to me McNabb played better with ruffled feathers.

Ruffled feathers are not unique to Eagles. Looks like the O’s are having a difficult time in flight these days – again! Not that the team’s record is any surprise, but the anemic level of offense is.  During the month of June Trembley’s troops have managed to score and exhilarating 19 runs over the course of 10 games. But hey, look on the bright side…if the season ended today the O’s would have the second pick in the draft behind the Washington Nationals. Some baseball they play here in the Mid-Atlantic, eh?

Nobody asked me but why doesn’t 105.7 The Fan allow Ken Weinman and Jeremy Conn to take over the weekday morning drive time hours of 6-10 AM? Mr. Mojo likes Ed Norris but can’t CBS park him on another of their Baltimore stations? Fans of Ed Norris find him. A move like that would undoubtedly rock for Weinman and Conn, both former WNST employees. The competitive juices would be flowing as the capable pair try to deliver a knockout punch to the Comcast Morning Show that features Drew Forrester, Glenn Clark and stars Rick from Reisterstown.

This week while roasting marshmallows atop the 105.7 The Fan campfire, Bruce Cunningham and capable sidekick Mark Zinno touched down on an interesting topic – sports movies. Arguments could be made for many movies as the best of the genre but Mr. Mojo, whether you like it or not, is about to give you his favorites by sport:

Football, The Longest Yard; Baseball, Bull Durham and Field of Dreams (tie); Basketball, Hoosiers; Hockey, Slap Shot; Golf, Caddyshack; Soccer, Victory; and Horseracing, Seabiscuit

And last but certainly not least, Mr. Mojo has to blast one of his former favorite entertainers David Letterman. Now it’s important to note that Letterman became a former favorite before his recent remarks about Sarah Palin’s daughter. He was once innovative and fun. Now he seems just a little grouchy and lazy.  Maybe it’s just me.

Back to Palin…in case you missed it here’s what Letterman had to say earlier this week (he dedicated his Top 10 segment exclusively to Alaska’s Governor) regarding Palin’s visit to Yankee Stadium with 14 year old daughter Willow:

"One awkward moment for Sarah Palin at the Yankee game," Letterman said, "during the seventh inning, her daughter was knocked up by Alex Rodriguez."

And this comment arrived on the heels of Letterman suggesting that the Governor dressed like a slutty flight attendant.

Mr. Mojo isn’t necessarily opposed to below the belt humor but Letterman clearly crossed the line of decency here. Let’s hope his sponsors take note.

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