TWO MINUTE OFFENSE: Charting the Ravens’ no huddle attack

Camp Notes TWO MINUTE OFFENSE: Charting the Ravens’ no huddle attack

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The Ravens practice their 2 minute offense on Tuesday winding the clock down to 1:30 and placing the ball at their own 35 yard line. The first team offense led by Joe Flacco took on the first team defense followed by the two 2’s. Here’s how it played out:

1-10-35                 Flacco screen pass to Rice, no gain (R. Lewis)

2-10-35                 Flacco pass to LJ Smith, 5 yards

3-05-40                Flacco incomplete to K. Washington (Foxworth) (0:48 remaining)

4-05-40                Flacco incomplete to Mason (Carr)


1-10-35                 Smith incomplete to Figurs (Oglesby)

2-10-35                 Encroachment defense

2-05-40                Smith incomplete to Wheelwright (Walker)

3-05-40                Smith to M. Smith, 6 yards, first down (Webb)

1-10-46                 Smith incomplete to M. Lawrence (1:09 remaining)

2-10-46                 Smith incomplete to Figurs (Walker)

3-10-46                 Smith to Figurs, 13 yards, first down (Walker)

After fight officials rule a personal foul against Walker, 15 yards

1-10-26                 Smith to Lawrence, 1 yard

2-09-25                 Smith to Wheelwright, 5 yards

3-04-20                Smith incomplete to Wheelwright

4-04-20                Smith rolls right, complete to Wheelwright, TOUCHDOWN

After both units took a turn with the 2 minute drill, Cam Cameron set the ball at the offense’s 45 yard line and dialed the game clock back to 0:45

1-10-45                 Flacco flushed from pocket, solid coverage, throws ball OOB

2-10-45                 Flacco incomplete to K. Washington (F. Washington)

3-10-45                 Confusion…TIMEOUT (0:34 remaining)

3-10-45                 False start offense

3-15-40                 Flacco to Harper, 6 yards

4-09-46                 Flacco to LJ Smith, 15 yards (time expires)


1-10-45                 Beck to Figurs, TOUCHDOWN

Ball reset at 15 yard line with 0:20 remaining

1-10-15                  Peerman run, – 1 yard

2-11-16                  Beck takes knee

3-12-17                 Gano FGA from 35 yards is GOOD

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