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Street Talk Scouts Inc. on Oniel Cousins

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Baltimore Ravens backup offensive tackle Oniel Cousins has suddenly entered the minds of football fans in the AFC North. He’s the incumbent starter at right tackle until the Jared Gaither situation is resolved.

With just three career starts, Cousins has limited experience. But the coaching staff has expressed confidence in him this offseason. So the AFC North blog checked in with Matt Williamson of Scouts Inc. to get his take on the third-year player.

  • "Coming out of UTEP, nobody expected him to come into the league and play right away. He was going to be a project. Some thought he had left-tackle feet. But he doesn’t look like Jared Gaither. He’s only 6-foot-4. So he’s probably best suited as a right tackle, which makes sense with the ability of Michael Oher to move to the left side. But Cousins probably can play guard, as well. He’s talented. He’s got a lot of ability, although we haven’t had the chance to see a lot of it yet. But there is certainly something there to work with. Everyone knew coming out of school that he was going to be a project. So now might be his time with how well the Ravens develop people."

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