Baltimore, no Longer The City That REEDS?

Street Talk Baltimore, no Longer The City That REEDS?

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Last night I posted the picture here to the left of Ed Reed and asked, “Wouldn’t it be a great way to say goodbye to Ed Reed if this happened again on Opening Day?”

I expected an overwhelmingly positive response.

Boy was I wrong. Here’s a sampling of a few of the responses (and they are being shared exactly how they were written):

* Get over it he took his two tickets and cashed them in for a cow palace.

* Boo this man….were over Ed Reed he can keep it moving!

* IMO He left Baltimore for money. That’s fine, but don’t expect me to want him to throw a first pitch when there are other deserving people in the realm….And I have never been an Ed Reed fan after he started the Favre crap 3 years ago.

* Reed, great raven. He was a diva and liked to stir trouble. Would like to see multiple members of team and coach throw the first pitch.

* I give him the finger every time I see him on TV. He is a traitor to all of Raven Nation. Now that I find out that he was the leader in the immunity because he was too lazy to wear pads during a practice.

It’s interesting to see how many Baltimoreans react when a player leaves one of their teams for another. Here in The Land of Pleasant Living that is akin to having a spouse leave another for a new squeeze. And then the living isn’t so pleasant.

But let’s not forget what Ed Reed did to make the Ravens defense elite for many years.

Let’s not forget the one-of-a-kind electrifying plays that helped make many Sundays special for all of us.

Let’s not forget that he’s been a career Raven up to now and will one day represent Baltimore in the Pro Football Hall of Fame and obviously in the Ravens Ring of Honor.

And let’s not forget that the Ravens, not Ed Reed, decided that they needed to get younger and faster on defense. Not being part of the team’s plans wasn’t Ed Reed’s plan.

What is he supposed to do, retire because the Ravens don’t want him?

Hopefully the responses to my Facebook post represent the vocal minority. But having read them, I hope that Ed doesn’t throw out the first pitch. Fair-weather fans, perhaps cloaked in an intoxicated fog might have the audacity to boo him.

And how embarrassing would that be?

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