Sifting Through the Options at Wide Receiver

Street Talk Sifting Through the Options at Wide Receiver

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It’s been an offseason unlike any other in Charm City. It would be hard to argue that there has been an organization that has done more than the Baltimore Ravens through just about three months after winning Super Bowl XLVII.

Started by the record-breaking contract handed to Mr. Super Bowl MVP, Ozzie Newsome has been working every angle to ensure another playoff run for John Harbaugh’s ‘Mighty Men’.

Of all of the needs that have been addressed, the one that wasn’t might be the biggest talking point for fans. Many have been vying for another wide receiver to add to Joe Flacco’s arsenal, but that move hasn’t, and might not be made! Some have questioned why the team missed out on some of the hot names early on the market. The organization has always believed in grooming players for the future and it seems like they will follow that same confidence in 2013.

The overflow of talent is incredible, and it’s clear why moves didn’t need to be made. While an acquisition still could be in the works, let’s take a look at the possibilities already on the roster.

Tandon Doss is the option most intriguing when looking at the receiving corps. Doss is the technical “number three” on the roster, and you can expect him to step it up and make an impact next year. Fans remember some crucial drops last season, but knowing Doss, he won’t let that faze him in impressing coaches in camp.

Many label him as “Flacco’s pick” in the 2011 NFL Draft, but the coaches have to like what they see as well. He took a lot of passes and hits over the middle in college, and this could be the year we see a lot of shots up the middle to Doss. Without Cam Cameron, who seemed to think there was a black hole in the middle of the field, Doss will be able to use his skills across the field and beat linebackers game after game.

2013 might be the first of many impact seasons for Tommy Streeter. The 6’6 college standout possesses very few weaknesses and every bit of his athletic build has upside written all over. He was a 2012 6th round pick who missed last season with a foot injury, but that ended up being beneficial. He got time with the team, and coaches stated that they were pleased with what they were seeing with the Miami FL product.

His biggest downside coming out of college is that he was very raw. His big senior season was greatly because of his sheer size and athleticism. With some tuning up, which was done last year, Streeter could be a name you hear several times per game.

As much as fans might hate to hear it, David Reed could be the fit in the slot to replace Anquan Boldin. His natural quickness and explosiveness could earn him some reps in the preseason. Reed has had his chances but this will be the first year that he will have the chance to get 15-20 snaps a game.

He will need to make the most of his opportunities as he has been on the borderline for quite a while now. For a guy that has a whole lot of potential and upside, I would love to see Reed have a breakout training camp, followed by a productive pre-season.

Should those three not work out, you could dig a little deeper into the depth chart to find some dark-horse candidates. LaQuan Williams has had his opportunities, but has failed to see any time on the field. Deonte Thompson and Aaron Mellette both have a chance to make the squad with a good training camp, but they could be stored away for the future, particularly Mellette as they both are still very young.

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