Flacco Still Considered Average by Many

Street Talk Flacco Still Considered Average by Many

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You know, I have little choice but to accept that some people are clowns when it comes to Joe Flacco and Marc Sessler of NFL.com has earned a PSL among the Bozos.

According to his quarterback rankings, Flacco is behind Cam Newton, Matt Ryan and Colin Kaepernick. Not to mention four rookies are ahead of him. Newton being ahead of Flacco is a sin by default.

I don’t know what needs to be done. I don’t understand why Flacco gets so much disrespect. The most annoying thing about it is, people will go to great lengths to go against anything that resembles a little love for Joe The Quarterback.

If Flacco is so average, how did he manage to deliver The Lombardi and earn Super Bowl XLVII MVP?

Critics almost always disrespect Flacco’s accomplishments with the cop out phrase, “Flacco has a great defense.”

Oh really?

He has a great defense now?

The same defense that people in the national media over the last seven years have been talking about how they are so old and washed up they are? I thought Ray Lewis was past his prime? I thought Ed Reed no longer had it? But that all goes away when Flacco’s name is mentioned. It’s quite pathetic.

Flacco threw 33 touchdowns and 10 picks from week one through SB XLVII. But I guess certain people will never be happy no matter how well Flacco does. Flacco having the most touchdown passes in the playoffs since 2008 with 19 doesn’t matter either.

Flacco is the only player that I have witnessed in this era of professional sports where people will discount what he does in the playoffs and say the regular season is more important.

This twisted logic defines the lame argument of Flacco detractors.

All you can do as a Baltimore Ravens fan is watch the team win and listen to the agenda laden critics whine when Joe takes home the hardware.

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