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Talks have begun swirling around the NFL about the possibility of removing extra points from the game after teams score touchdowns.

Commissioner Roger Goodell recently told Rich Eisen of the NFL Network in order to keep the game “lively” they may entertain the notion of getting rid of it altogether.

“The extra point is almost automatic,” Goodell said. “I believe we had five missed extra points this year out of 1,200 some odd (attempts). So it’s a very small fraction of the play, and you want to add excitement.”

Ahhh Roger, while the extra point may not be the most exciting play it is one kickers don’t take for granted and certianly don’t assume as a gimme.

While I am merely speculating here, perhaps Ravens kicker Justin Tucker doesn’t exactly agree with the sentiments of Goodell about the extra point being easy or automatic.

Tucker Tweeted on Wednesday:

While the statistics do support Goodell’s claims, don’t think for a minute that extra points are a given. Last June, Russell Street Report conducted a special Q&A with the Ravens Super Bowl kicker. Tucker went to great lengths to describe the pressure of making an extra point, particularly the crucial one against the Denver Broncos in the postseason that sent the game into overtime.

” When Jacoby caught that ball and coasted into the end-zone I literally thought to myself I cannot miss this extra point!!!!!!   We are only down by one and the only way we can give ourselves a chance is if I can make the extra point. I can tell you honestly I never get nervous. I get excited for whatever opportunities I get and I am thankful for them but I was super nervous for that extra point. I was much more nervous about the extra point than kicking that cinder-block 47-yarder 30 minutes later.”

San Francisco 49ers kicker Phil Dawson scoffed at the idea as well, tweeting:

One of the new ideas being considered would be to make all touchdowns worth seven points, and teams that go for what’s now a two-point conversion would either gain or lose a point, making the score worth eight or six.

The proposed change has its fair share of supporters, including Patriots head coach Bill Belichick. Of course, we all know Belichick has an ax to grind with the issue after Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski suffered a broken forearm on a point after attempt in 2012 – not that two-point conversion tries are any safer.

(And let’s not forget, Bill – your Patriots were up by 35 points when that injury occurred. Maybe take your stars off the field in blowouts if avoiding injuries is really your priority?)

What do you think? Should PATs be eliminated? Do these kickers have a point, or are they just trying to protect their own livelihoods?

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Should the NFL eliminate the Point-After-Touchdown and score a TD as 7 points?

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