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Crab Bag Super Bowl XLVIII Edition

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Well Ravens fans, Super Bowl Sunday will feel a whole lot different this year than it did a year ago, that’s for sure.

But, that’s OK.

Don’t we deserve a stress-free Super Sunday for once? Years and years of being on the edge of our seats having to hate/root against one team culminated in finally seeing our own squad on football’s biggest stage – stress overload, right?

The last time I remember truly not caring who won “The Big Game” was back in the 2002 season when the Bucs were taking on the Raiders.

After that, the next nine Super Bowls have featured the Patriots four times (BOOOOO), the Colts twice (BOOOOO), and the Steelers three times (BOOOOOOOOO!!!!), so most Ravens fans at least had a vested interest in pulling against one of the participants.

This year though? Broncos and Seahawks – sentiment amongst most Ravens fans seems to be that we just want to see a good game. I know that’s all I want. And I’m about as excited as I can be for a non-Ravens Super Bowl to see what Peyton Manning and that Seattle defense have in store for one another.

Let’s kick back, relax, and enjoy some good company, good food, and good pigskin.

Speaking of the Super Bowl…



On Super Sunday, Americans will consume:

  • 80 million avocados. That’s enough to fill a football field 12 feet deep.
  • 325 million gallons of beer, or, enough to fill an olympic-sized swimming pool…1,938 times.
  • 1.23 BILLION chicken wings.
  • 11 million pounds of potato chips, roughly the weight of 12 million footballs.
  • 11 million slices of pizza. End-to-end, that’s 21,388 football fields.
  • 3.8 million pounds of popcorn.


While the urban legend that you may have heard about water systems in major metropolitan areas bordering on collapse during Super Bowl halftime is false, pressure on local wastewater treatment plants does indeed increase. We can see this in the chart below, provided by the Palm Beach County Water Utilities Department.
The red line shows the normal use of water on a Sunday. The blue line shows spikes during different times of the 2011 Super Bowl.


Everybody loves Super Bowl commercials. Over the years, there have been plenty of great ones (and not-so-great ones). Here are a few of my favorites:



Here’s a smattering of interesting Super Bowl facts to chew on along with all that food…

  • Super Bowls 28-37 featured an average margin of victory of 15 points. The last 10 have been much closer, as the average margin of victory in Super Bowls 38-47 was a meager 6.3 points.
  • Of the 10 most watched American television programs of all time, 9 of them are Super Bowls.
  • Ever wonder why Super Bowls are measured in Roman numerals? It’s actually not to be extra fancy or complicated – it’s just a matter of practicality, since NFL seasons extend over two different calendar years.
  • The Minnesota Vikings have played in four Super Bowls – and have never held the lead at any point in time.
  • The Super Bowl is the SECOND most-watched sporting event worldwide. First is the Champions League Final.
  • 18 of the past 21 Super Bowls have been won by the team from the city with the lower unemployment rate. This year? Denver is at 5.8, while Seattle is at 5.7, giving the Hawks a slight edge.
  • Nine out of 10 Super Bowl viewers watch the game in a home – either theirs or a friend’s.

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Enjoy the game, Ravens fans! Here’s hoping for another very stressful (i.e. one that we’re in) Super Bowl Sunday in the very near future.

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