Pro Football Talk Slams the Ravens!

Street Talk Pro Football Talk Slams the Ravens!

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Media, Fans React to Jimmy Smith’s Arrest

Another Raven got arrested. That’s five this offseason, the most of any NFL team.

You’ve already read it now and have probably heard the story numerous times. Jimmy Smith was arrested at Greene Turtle in Towson and charged with “failure to obey a lawful order of a police officer.” Here’s the Baltimore County Police Department Incident Report.

This arrest might be the Ravens strangest of the offseason. Smith claims he was helping the intoxicated woman, but most people would counter his argument with something like “paramedics could probably do a better job of that than you.”

Some fans don’t seem to have a problem with Smith’s arrest, like Mike Doyle who was quoted on “People have problems. It happens to everybody. I don’t think it looks bad on Baltimore. Players in all sports get arrested all the time.”

Monday morning,’s Darin Gantt ripped into the Ravens and specifically John Harbaugh’s “high standard” quote:

“The most embarrassing case was the assault charges against running back Ray Rice for knocking his now-wife unconscious (for which she apologized at a press conference and the team ridiculously tweeted from the official account).

But one arrest can happen to any team.

The Ravens have also had Lorenzo Taliaferro arrested for destruction of property (going Ray Rice on a cab), and public intoxication, Jah Reid for two counts of battery and Deonte Thompson for suspicion of possession of marijuana.

When Smith was asked for identification by the police this weekend, he replied with the classic: ‘I’m Jimmy Smith, I play for the Ravens.’

Since their five arrests are more than any other team in the league (the other 31 clubs have combined for 14), the cops probably should have known that already.”

Where do you stand? Bad offseason or a serious leadership problem?


Stash Remains Behind Bars

Speaking of arrests, after a District Judge ruling last week, former 98 Rocker and Ravens pre/postgame show host Stephen “Stash” Smith will remain in jail until the end of the summer for violating his probation after a 2012 drunk-driving accident that left five people injured.

“Stash” was in a three year supervised probation period when he was pulled over in Harford County on February 3, 2012 and charged with DUI, speeding and failing to have his vehicle equipped with an “interlock” device.


Traffic Nightmares Arise on Russell Street

Lastly, I’ll end today’s column with a note about traffic. Have you tried driving down Russell Street lately? It’s a total disaster. The construction of the Horseshoe Casino has limited traffic to one lane on this already heavily populated road into and out of Baltimore.



Orioles fans were tweeting horror stories after the O’s July 9 game against the Washington Nationals. It was reportedly taking some over an hour just to get from Lot A to Russell street, where they would also be sitting and waiting to finally inch their way to 95 or 295. That’s actually worse than anything I personally experienced around the Baltimore Grand Prix (traffic purgatory).

When Horseshoe finally does open, it’s hard to imagine that things will get much better, assuming the place brings the crowds that the casino’s ownership is expecting. Sure, the lanes on Russell Street will reopen, but cars will be pouring in and out of the tight multi-level parking garage that has been constructed for the casino.

Have you tried driving around Arundel Mills since Maryland Live! opened?

It’s a nightmare.

Here’s my tip: stay far away from that garage, you could get stuck there forever.

I do have an important question though — and I’m surprised no one else in the media is asking this. Is Horseshoe going to charge people to park there?

I’ve never been to a casino that makes you pay to park. If they do, why not just drive a few miles to Arundel Mills? But if they don’t, how will they stop people from parking in their massive garage and going to Orioles or Ravens games? Will they make you verify that you did some gambling?

With parking prices incredibly steep on Ravens game days, wouldn’t it make sense to pop in the Casino, put 20 bucks on red to verify your parking and then get out of there?

I’m sure smarter people than me have thought about this already, but I haven’t been able to come up with an obvious solution for what I think could be a serious logistical problem.

What statement below best describes your feelings about the 5 Ravens arrested this offseason?

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