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Eisenberg: Forbes Ranking a Genuine Baltimore Sports Triumph

If you’re like me and you were about to turn four years old when it was announced that the Cleveland Browns were coming to Baltimore, you don’t remember the expansion derbies of the early 90’s. Baltimore was snubbed of a football team, and Paul Tagliabue, the commissioner at the time, famously responded by saying that Baltimore should go “build a museum.”

Obviously, the NFL was wrong about how successful an NFL team could be here. Since the Browns-turned-Ravens have come to Baltimore, we have seen nothing but packed stadiums and purple and black gear around town. This town would have been a better location for an expansion team than Jacksonville or Carolina. The fact that the team is the 24th most valuable sports franchise in the world is proof of that, according to John Eisenberg of Ravens media. LINK

What Will The Ravens’ Roster Look Like in 2016 and Beyond?

Much has been made about the uncertainty surrounding the guard position after this year, with the contracts of both Osemele and Yanda ending. If you look at the entire picture, however, you get a pretty good outlook for the team as a whole. Jordan Kough of Baltimore Sports and Life discusses how the future upside of guys under contract outweighs the uncertainty of players who may be leaving. LINK

Gino Gradkowski the anchor of Denver’s revamped O-line

Kough linked to this in his article above. This is an article from the Associated Press via USA Today describing the offensive line situation in Denver, of which Gradkowski is the apparent anchor. Like Kough said in his article, you almost have to feel bad for Peyton Manning…Almost. LINK

Ravens Training Camp Battle: Arthur Brown vs. Zachary Orr

Ashley Anderson> of Purple Reign takes a look at the battle between Arthur Brown and Zachary Orr for a role as an inside linebacker. Through that battle, one may be sent packing. It would certainly be the end to a big fall from grace for the Ravens’ 2013 2nd round pick, Brown, who many fans (including me) wanted the team to pick as early as the 32nd pick in the 1st round. LINK

Best of the Best Championship: Ed Reed vs. Ray Lewis

Who is the number one Raven of all time? Will the fans vote for the man who most would pick, or will Ed Reed come up with the upset? Vote before it’s too late! LINK

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