The Spark to Ravens’ Defensive Dominance

Ravens Links The Spark to Ravens’ Defensive Dominance

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How one of Barry Sanders’ worst games sparked the Ravens’ defensive dominance. Reynolds has good vision as a runner. Will Mosley be a Pro Bowler again? The Ravens fuel instant replay changes. Harbs jokes about Tomlin’s tackling ability. In Orioles news, Manny is the best. A different strike zone with the same umpires will change very little.

Barry Sanders’ long-forgotten final game a precursor to retirement

In week 17 of the 1998 season, the Ravens began one of the most impressive streaks of the franchise’s history – 46 consecutive games without allowing a 100-yard rusher. We didn’t know it at the time, but it would be the last game of Barry Sanders’ career. On that day, there was evidence of a burgeoning defense, one which would become one of the best the game has ever seen. Eric Edholm of Yahoo Sports tells the story of its beginning.

How Keenan Reynolds can help the Ravens’ offense

Eric Saltzman of The Sports Quotient looks at a few plays from Keenan Reynolds’ time at Navy to determine what he brings to the table in the NFL. It’s quite hard to project his skills as a quarterback to different positions, but Saltzman gives a good overview of how Reynolds’ vision as a runner could translate to success elsewhere.

Will Mosley return to being a Pro Bowl player next season?

C.J. Mosley has committed to improving upon his 2014 season after a step back in 2015. He says that might involve becoming more of a vocal leader, which isn’t exactly Mosley’s style. He’s more of a leader by example, but sometimes something has to be said. He’s willing to be the one to do so. Clifton Brown of CSN Mid-Atlantic will tell you more.

Bell: NFL poised to make significant change to instant replay

We could be facing a change in the way the NFL decides which types of plays are reviewable, according to Jarrett Bell of USA Today. The proposed rule at the competition committee meetings would define what types of plays are NOT reviewable. The current ruleset defines what types of plays are reviewable. If you recall, Harbaugh led the charge for this type of philosophical change to the process. They withdrew their proposal, but the conversation it forged looks like it could change how the league uses replay soon.

Harbs Jokes About Tomlin’s Handshakes And Tackles

Solid shade, Harbs.

In baseball news…

PiR: Adjust the Strike Zone? What’s the Point?

Joe Polek of ESR wonders about a wide variety of different topics in his weekly column. He discusses splitting the season into 18-game parts and how the Orioles have improved in the second 18-game group compared to the first. He also talks about the best commentators on TV. Then, he discusses the proposal to expand the strike zone. He’s not sure what the point is if MLB is committed to using human umpires still.

Word on the Street: Machado Impresses Anywhere on the Diamond

How well has transitioned to the shortstop position? Seamlessly, if you believe in defensive metrics. Ryan Blake of ESR discusses his defensive dominance and what happens when J.J. Hardy returns from injury. Either press play below or click the link for the transcript.

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