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Ravens Links Ray’s Initiative & Forsett’s Future

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Ray’s new initiative will help athletes with their money. Forsett could see a diminished role in 2016 and has a lot to prove. The officiating crew who screwed up the game vs. Jacksonville has split. NFL continues its dirty tactics. O’s-tradamus looks further into the 2016 season.

Fmr. Ravens Star Ray Lewis Explains Why Athletes Go Broke

If you’ve ever seen the 30 for 30 documentary, Broke, you’ve heard the horror stories of athletes who don’t know how to manage their wealth. Ray Lewis explained to Thomas Barrabi of Fox Business why that is. Now, Ray’s post-football goal is to provide young athletes with the skills to avoid becoming yet another cautionary tale. He wants young athletes to pay attention to “every penny” of their money. He hopes to help them do that in his advisory role with the investment platform, YieldStreet.

Players with most to prove for all 32 NFL teams

Jamison Hensley submitted his take on the player who needs to prove himself most and it’s Justin Forsett. He notes that Harbaugh didn’t commit to Forsett earning the starting role, even though he has led the team in rushing each of the past two seasons. Hensley is right. He’s one of the candidates I could see becoming a surprise cut this season, especially if Lorenzo Taliaferro can create a role for himself.

NFL Breaks Up Pete Morelli’s Entire Officiating Crew After Bizarrely Terrible Season

Remember the missed false start penalty that led to an Elvis Dumervil face mask penalty that led to a 51-yard field goal for the Jaguars and a loss for the Ravens? Yeah, that was Pete Morelli’s crew. Fortunately for our sanity, the NFL has decided to separate his crew to weed out the bad apples. I have a suggestion: the linesman who missed that call should be fired.

Congressional report says NFL waged improper campaign to influence government study

In news that shocked next to no one, the NFL is dirty. Steve Fainaru and Mark Fainaru-Wada recap how the NFL tried to force its own experts into a National Institute of Health study into the long-term effects of concussions. I’m not one to call corporations “evil” often, but the NFL has become a prime example of one. Yikes.

In baseball news…

O’s-tradamus Predictions: Looking into the Birds’ Future

Derek Arnold relays O’s-tradamus’ message about the rest of the season. A passage:

Mighty hacks producing little but wind and a frustrated yell.

Fans left wondering what happened to their heroes,

who’d previously seem sent from Taco Bell.

Have no fear; his final message breeds hope.

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