NFL Bird Teams in Mid-Offseason Form

The Fanimal NFL Bird Teams in Mid-Offseason Form

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It can be tough to talk about football in the offseason. The big free agents have already been signed. The intrigue of the draft is done. All we can talk about is OTAs, and we really won’t get much out of them besides a few highlights (which we’ll have in Ravens Links a bit later). The NFL Bird teams, namely the Seahawks, Falcons, Eagles, and Ravens used this time to show off their offseason form of entertainment.

First, the Seahawks noticed a couple of eagles flying above their practice, and decided to call Philadelphia’s football team out on it.

The Eagles admitted that they belonged to the organization. Spies!

Paris Hilton is still a thing?

Anyway, the Seahawks used the alleged spying to make a terrible play on words.

The Falcons decided it was time to get in on the punny action.

And Baltimore was cr-raven attention, too….(ducks)…

Then it turned into an argument about what bird was best. The answer is clearly the raven, but the Hawks sea it a bit differently (okay, I’ll actually stop with the puns, now).

The Ravens disagreed.

Maybe “majestic” wasn’t the right word. I would have went with terrifying. The eagle might have the edge in majesty.

The Cardinals, looking to get in on the action, decided to air their grievances.

And that was the end of it. Unfortunately, it didn’t go on forever. Maybe because the cardinal is obviously the inferior bird. The four birds of prey caught in this argument could all easily tear a cardinal to shreds.

This was a welcome distraction to the barren wasteland of NFL offseason news. Thank you, NFL bird teams and your digital marketers, for keeping us entertained.

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