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Ravens Links Jeremy Zuttah’s Pooch Was His Groomsman

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Zuttah’s pooch was one of his groomsmen. Steve Harvey must have Smith Sr. confused for someone else. Ricky Williams claims he took over 500 drug tests. Wiki page listed Yates as the ‘owner’ of the Bengals. Who is the most likely player to earn a surprise starting job for the Ravens?

The Caw: Family Feud’s Steve Harvey Tells Amari Cooper To Follow Steve Smith’s Lead

Steve Harvey thinks Steve Smith plays by the rules, according to Ryan Mink of Ravens Media. While on the show, Harvey told Amari Cooper – yeah, that Amari Cooper – that he should follow in the footsteps of Steve Smith and learn the rules when he tried to use two hands on the buzzer. Maybe he’s confusing Smith for someone less…unruly?

Ricky Williams says he took at least 500 drug tests in his career

In Ricky Williams’ short time in Baltimore, he made for a nice complement to Ray Rice in the Ravens backfield. Unfortunately, he walked away from the game after the most agonizing game in Ravens history and lost his opportunity to earn a ring. But in order to get back to football, Ricky says he faced an inordinately high degree of scrutiny from the league’s drug testers.

NFL Player Wouldn’t Get Married Unless His Dog Walked Down The Aisle

Ravens center Jeremy Zuttah followed Ronnie Stanley’s path in offseason dog news. He and his now-wife Heran wanted to bring their dog to the wedding, but City Hall wouldn’t allow it. So obviously they had to just change the venue! And here’s their furry man, Ace, in the aisle dressed to the nines.

Now-Deleted Edition of Bengals Wikipedia Page Listed T.J. Yates as the Owner

In the 2011 regular season, with both Matt Schaub and his backup, Matt Leinart out for the season, T.J. Yates became the de facto starting quarterback for the Houston Texans. In his third game as a starter, he was faced with his most difficult test to that date. Down by 6 with 2:30 left to go in the 4th, Yates needed to go 80 yards to earn a victory in Cincinnati. And that he did. In the playoffs that same year, he led the Texans to a 31-10 playoff victory against the Bengals. And this past season, in his third game against the Bengals, he beat them in Cincinnati again.

It’s safe to say that he owns the Bengals, and Wikipedia agreed, as Redditor kfbravens discovered.

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Well played.

Predicting Every NFL Team’s Most Surprising Starter Ahead of Training Camps

As we get closer to NFL training camps, Kristopher Knox of Bleacher Report started thinking about some players who could upset their competition and earn a starting job. His choice for the Ravens, you ask? Kenneth Dixon, the rookie RB out of Louisiana Tech.

In baseball news…

Trumbo Advances to Round 2 of HR Derby

Last night, things weren’t looking so good for Trumbo. It looked like he might be eliminated in the first round. But then, he took his timeout and relaxed. On the next 8 swings, he hit 8 home runs. You can check them all out at the link.

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