Deadspin: Ravens Will Swipe Playoff Spot

Ravens Links Deadspin: Ravens Will Swipe Playoff Spot

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Deadspin says the Ravens will swipe a playoff spot from a ‘cooler team.’ Good. Mosley has been a mentor for Correa. Steelers will play the Ravens in all-black. Reed is a pied piper. The ‘energy’ is absent from practice, according to some major media outlets.

Why Your Team Sucks 2016: Baltimore Ravens

Some members of the RSR team was out on the water yesterday when I saw that this had been posted for the Ravens. I said, “Hey look, Deadspin posted their Why Your Team Sucks for the Ravens.” It was met with indifference, which is a big change from how we used to feel when this thing came out. It used to be exciting. Now, not so much. The material has gotten a bit stale, and they’re still running jokes about both Ray Rice and Ray Lewis. Maybe it’s just because we hear them all the time as Ravens fans, but it just seems boring now.

Anyway, Drew Magary, the writer of this series, still managed a few good zingers. In the “What might not suck” section of this one, Magary predicts that the Ravens will grab a playoff spot – but it will come at the expense of a “much cooler team.”


As always, the fan submissions are the best part. There is plenty of foul language, so read them at your own discretion.

Ravens Pro Bowler C.J. Mosley becoming mentor for rookie Kamalei Correa

If you’ve read our Camp Notes (you should), then you know how well Kamalei Correa has performed so far this training camp. C.J. Mosley has apparently taken notice – and a leadership role in his development. According to Clifton Brown of CSN Mid-Atlantic, Correa was excited when he learned he would be playing with the former Alabama star.

Report: Steelers to wear all-black ‘Color Rush’ uniforms vs. Ravens on Christmas

The Steelers are going to be wearing all-black uniforms, according to a report from Mark Kaboly of the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review. So the Ravens will be wearing all-white on Christmas Day on that muddy, nightmare of a playing surface at Heinz Field. Someone break out the Oxi Clean.

Or maybe we’ll have a White Christmas, and the Steelers defenders won’t be able to see the Ravens receivers through the snow.

Ed Reed: Former star is pied piper of Bills’ coaches

On Thursday, we looked at Ed Reed‘s journey to coaching and why he might be great at it. According to Sal Maiorana of the Democrat & Chronicle, he’s off to a good start. Head coach Rex Ryan called him a “pied piper” and says that everyone follows his lead. Hopefully for the Bills, he’s better at teaching discipline than he is at practicing it. Otherwise, we’ll be seeing some looong touchdowns on opening day from players much less instinctive than Ed.

Of course, from our perspective, that would be quite nice…for the opener at least.

Flacco Is Back, But ‘That Energy Is Not on the Field’

Sigh. I hate this headline. The story is pretty good, and it’s helpful to get an outsider’s perspective of training camp, so I included it. Anyway, the headline is a reference to what Jerraud Powers had to say in response to the absence of Terrell Suggs, Elvis Dumervil, and Steve Smith, not the feel of the practice in general. Of course, there was plenty of energy on the field, including a few fights yesterday, as Kalyn Kahler of MMQB mentions in her five thoughts.

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