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Ravens Links Sighing Over News of Perriman’s Recovery

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Perriman’s recovery is not going as planned. What if the Ravens helmet colors were the opposite of what they are now? Buck Allen could be on the bubble. RSR and Purple Reign have a fantasy draft. Lawrence Guy perseveres through his different way of learning. Fight the Pink Hat invasion and the Full House video for the citizens of Birdland.

Return of Breshad Perriman does not sound imminent

I have this friend who always means to show up on time, but he is awful at estimating the amount of time it actually takes to do anything at all. He thinks it takes 5 minutes to shower, get dressed, and get into his car. He’ll call what a normal person would estimate to be a 25 minute drive a 15 minute drive. So whenever we ask him for an ETA, he’ll tell us 6:00 first…then the next text will say, “Sorry, running behind. Be there at 6:30. ” Then, we’ll text him and ask where he is. He’ll say he’s on his way and he’ll be there in 15 minutes. Then, at 7:30, this friend finally arrives, and we all finally get to where we’re supposed to be going.

Breshad Perriman’s stint with the Ravens reminds me of this friend.

This saga has been one of the most frustrating experiences as a fan. We’re all eager to see a highly-touted first-round pick finally make it to the field, but we keep getting terrible recovery estimates from the coaching and training staff. When asked after Breshad Perriman’s injury was examined, Harbaugh said that mid-August looked likely. Here we are on August 17th, and we’re only talking about him running.

Breshad Perriman photoshopped into the classic "Bigfoot" photos.

Clifton Brown of CSN Mid-Atlantic has the full story.

All 32 NFL helmets, as their color opposites

Have you ever wondered what the Ravens’ helmet would look like as a negative? No? Well, Zachary Pierce and the team at Fox Sports did. They performed a simple Photoshop experiment to flip the colors of all of the NFL’s helmets. Some looked cool (the Panthers one is pretty sweet), while others – like the Steelers’ helmet (my eyes!) – are awful. Where does the Ravens’ negative helmet fall on that continuum? Let’s call it somewhere in the middle.

The Baltimore Ravens' opposite color helmet. The purple has changed to gold and the gold has changed to purple.

via Fox Sports

Players on the Bubble: RB Buck Allen

The backfield is crowded in Baltimore. With all of those bodies, who will get the nod on the roster? There are five main contenders: Justin Forsett, Kenneth Dixon, Buck Allen, Terrance West, and Lorenzo Taliaferro. Either three or four will make the team, but with the plethora of tight ends, Kyle Juszczyk may very well fall into this group, too, when they consider who makes the team. Vasilis Lericos of Baltimore Beatdown makes the case for why Buck Allen could be one of the players who is left off the squad.

Purple Reign Show: Purple Reign vs. Russell Street Report Fantasy Draft

Adam Bonaccorsi, Mike Fast, Brian Bower, and I visited Phil Gentile and the Purple Reign crew in their studio for the first ever PR-RSR fantasy draft. We’ll have some good stuff from both sites for you throughout the year. Listen in as we draft – and discuss some Ravens football, too.

Ravens defensive lineman Lawrence Guy a tough guy shaped by ADHD, dyslexia

Mike Preston of The Baltimore Sun tells the story of Lawrence Guy‘s upbringing. All of his life, he struggled with ADHD and dyslexia, but it wasn’t diagnosed until he was 19. Now, he contributes to the defense in the mold of Kelly Gregg. And what do his teammates say is one of his biggest strengths as a pro?

His attention to detail.

In baseball news…

Wednesday O’s Links: Fight the Pink Hat Nation Invasion, Birdland

Just finished reading the links above? WELL HERE ARE SOME MORE! Really, though, Derek Arnold puts out some good stuff today, including a look at why we all need to get our butts to the Yard, why Zach Britton has a case for the Cy Young, and a look at how unexpected Adam Jones‘ game-tying walk was last night.

The “Full House” Themed O’s Video You Never Knew You Needed


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