Ravens Sign CB Brandon Carr

Knee-Jerk Reactions Ravens Sign CB Brandon Carr

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While Morris Claiborne was the hot name, the Ravens ended up signing a different former Dallas Cowboys CB.

RSR Staff react to the signing here.

Brian Bower

While all eyes were on a different Dallas CB, the Ravens managed to sign Brandon Carr who has played every game in his nine-year career. Carr’s experience improves the secondary immediately and adds depth to a position that has serious question marks entering the 2017 season. The organization will likely still spend a top pick on a young corner for the future.

Joe Polek

Looks like the Ravens secondary won’t be the biggest concern this season…at least the starters. They still need depth, but it looks much better this year than last. Now, I’d like to see some movement on the offensive line.

Dev Panchwagh

This is an interesting signing to say the least. Carr has actually been the more consistent and reliable CB compared to Mo Claiborne, but Claiborne has always had the upside to be a shutdown corner. Carr provides a physical presence and is comfortable playing on an island. He’s never been spectacular, but he’s a steady guy who doesn’t make a lot of mental mistakes.

Derek Arnold

Ozzie is pulling out all the stops to address the secondary here in free agency. It’s great to see the commitment, but one can’t help but wonder where the resources to fill the other holes will come from. The great thing about Carr is that he’s been extremely durable, having never missed a game in his nine-year career. He’s 30, so a four-year deal seems a bit risky regardless. However:

Carey Stevenson

From a talent standpoint the signing is massive. That’s more of an indictment on the resources the Ravens have put into the position in recent years than it is praise of Carr’s talent. He’s steady, versatile and experienced but Ravens still need to operate as though they need a starting level boundary corner in the draft. The acquisition of Carr is a good start at improving a talent deficient unit and takes pressure of them as far as the first round goes.

Ryan Jones

I am much happier the Ravens signed Brandon Carr than I’d have been if they’d inked Morris Claiborne. Sure, Claiborne has more upside but when you’ve missed over 40 percent of games in your career that’s not bad luck it’s a trend. Carr brings stability to a unit that desperately needs it as he hasn’t missed a game in nine years. A ridiculous stat when you consider the violence of the NFL.

The Ravens now have two big and physical corners on the outside and it allows Tavon Young to move back to his natural slot position. Now let’s address the offense.

Ken McKusick

I know very little about him other than he’s never missed a start in 9 seasons. Despite that, he’ll be 31 in May and I won’t ever be excited about signing a CB that old (OK, I probably was about Deion Sanders).

I’m looking forward to reviewing Carr’s most recent film to see what he may have left.

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