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Why do you go to the football stadium each time there’s a game? Is it the game day experience, atmosphere or the thrill? If I could hazard a guess, I would say you love the game and watching it from the comfort of your home is easy. The internet has made lots of things easy including watching the game.

The atmosphere at the game is what drives you there, right? Chanting White Stripes’ lyrics and cheering your team gets the adrenaline pumping. And items such as premier glow’s led glasses help enhance that atmosphere. Coupled with these other items your time watching the game will be more fun and unforgettable:


Nothing expresses your love for your team more than buying a jersey. The thrill of wearing the jersey on game day cannot be expressed. It gets your blood pumping and raises the adrenaline. What’s more, you’re supporting the growth of the team by purchasing the jersey from them.

Clubs also offer other branded merchandise to wear on match days such as scarves and hats. These work the same ways as jerseys. A picture taken on that day will rekindle the great memories you had of that day.


Stadiums now allow fans to carry banners and signs related to the club. If you can, carry a banner with your favorite player’s name and a certain message. This goes a long way in expressing the love you have for the team and its players. Who knows the club and the player may like the banner and give you free tickets to the next game? I know you would love free tickets, right?


If you’re a hard-core supporter of your team, you know there are spots in the stadium that have the best atmosphere. When purchasing the tickets to the game you should try and buy tickets for that spot or close. Once the game starts you will have an unbelievable experience. Not only will this give an immersive experience of the club’s atmosphere, it will leave you with unforgettable memories.

You will find yourself wanting to go to more games and sit in the same position.

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Face painting

Having your team’s colors and logo painted on your face is no longer a kid item. Technology has allowed the development of items such as gameface. It allows you to cover your face with team’s color or logo. Once you are done you don’t have to scrub your face for long periods of time to remove the paint. Instead, all you do is peel the mask and it comes out uniformly.

With the team’s colors on your face, your fan experience is enhanced, you can cheer for the team louder.


Visiting your favorite team’s stadium during a game is an experience you should cherish. Each team has international supporters who are unable to visit the stadium due to various constraints. They, therefore, rely on the broadcast of the game on television. It is your responsibility to ensure you create a great atmosphere for your team to play in.

Having the above items goes a long way in ensuring you have the time of your life.

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